31 January, 2012

Blings, rings and suffering

Everyone likes gold; yum yum aurum.

Gold is in our jewellery, our computers, our temples, our beer, our teeth. Its power is in its ability to transform life. It is a noble metal (denoted aurum in Latin; abbreviated Au on the Periodic table). It is malleable, immune to rust, and ageless. When found from archaeological sites from 5,000 B.C., gold is as pure and valuable as a nugget of gold mined today.

Gold is the stuff dreams are made of. Our physical prowess is measured by gold medals. Our theatrical skills are awarded a golden globe. Our economic skills metered in gold bars. Even our ethics are measured in the golden mean.  Ironically, we have come to see it as the dream that stuff is made of.

Sadly, gold has been the cause of more suffering than all the wars presumably caused by religions, oligarchs and monarchs. It is the air we breath, both financially and technologically. Gold wars have been reported throughout history, but sadly false-flagged as either religious or territorial conflicts.

Gold's value throughout history has been based on its purity, durability and technological usefulness as a coin of all realms. It is not unforeseeable that it would have equal value on any planet that has the same 118 periodic elements as earth does.

In times of crisis, gold is invaluable as a means of procuring political favour, food and freedom. In times of peace, its value falls. In a utopia, gold would have little if any value except as a tool for technological and medical advancement. So what purpose does gold serve in a society that has reached the zenith of advancement? Would gold cease to be the cause of conflict? Is gold really evil, or just the love of it?

Even the humble Buddhist temples of south-east Asia are coated with gold; penury monks lecturing to an audience, sitting before a massive gold statue of the Buddha. None, even the pious, are immune from its eternal presence. When we consider the suffering associated with it, gold has a lot to answer for.

Putting aside David Wilcock's profound theory that there is more gold than there is sand, the majority of present day gold currently exists as jewellery. That wedding ring on your finger, or gold necklace and earrings. Gold therefore, is nothing more than symbolic of something else. For example, status (bling), commitment (wedding ring) and power (suffering induced by the elite).

But looking at the chart above, there seems to be an incredible lack of real gold in world circulation. According to Barbara Marciniak, "The gold reserves of the planet have been traded off-planet and the government’s gold in many places has left the planet. You have been given in exchange devices that literally open up the corridors of time, devices that warp time, devices that to you if you looked at them would look as if they were huge, seamless stainless steel balls. They are in fact filled with fuel and filled with elements that are not native to the earth plane. These are extraterrestrial technological devices. They literally change time fields. These are being sent up in satellites at this time. "

It seems that perhaps even alien civilisations need the aurum touch. It can be argued that gold could even be anathema to civilised society, i.e. civilisation.

For gold to be anything but a cause of future suffering to humanity, it must be used for what it was originally intended by the Masters - a spiritual symbol of purity, immortality and malleability. Anything less degrades this metal into a mere conductive commodity of the technocrats, the indentured and the impure.

30 January, 2012

A posse ad esse - from possibility to actuality

Meritocractic capitalism has emerged as a tour de force of the second decade (21st century). What this paradigm suggests is that it should be illegal for anyone who is untalented and rich to secure advantage over any political, scientific, religious or economic establishment.

Anyone expecting overnight changes to the current system would be asked to be patient, or else become one. The wealthy will be slow to part with well worn traditions. Boredom, especially within the poor class, produces its own remedy - violent action. Hence, creativity will occupy those who await the transition to Ascension; be it in music, literature, science, politics, economics. To paraphrase a great movie, if we build a new earth, people are sure to come.

Spirituality has merged with science to finally conceive of the notion of  'conscious evolution', a sort of spiritual darwinianism, where survival of the fittest is replaced with flourishing of the wise, where only the wittiest will prevail.

Life repeats itself endlessly, but like the weather, no two days are the same. The future of humanity appears well constructed and predictable, based on current scenarios which appear to be circulating on the alternative media. There can be no return to a life post-Rome (circa 15th century), or post-Egyptian civilisations of antiquity. These empire-crumbling time are not a witness of another recrudescence of a new cycle of growth and death, but a exciting and new paradigm. A step up into a spiralling rise of consciousness based on the timeless premise that a vigilant, wise and compassionate society can become enlightened and return to the God-head. From the possibility of transformation, we will finally see the actuality of 'emergence', a new paradigm of equality, liberty and justice based on global governance by a globally interconnected democracy.

27 January, 2012

Mia's jolly jungle jive

Forget the rumbles of war - nothing is more profound than Mia's Jolly Jungle Jive, a children's book for 3-4 year-olds. Hands down it beats the saddening news in the New York Times of the speedy rendition of logic outside the gilded cage of democracy. Mia's Jolly Jungle Jive describes the journey of a precocious monkey through a 'dark and dangerous' jungle, befriending various animals along his way before returning home through the help of Wally the Warthog. It is a mythical tale, not unlike the musing poetry of Rumi; simple in its telling, upbeat, direct, devoid of misanthropy and stylish. As Rumi speaks, 'Man not conscious of god is akin to an animal. True consciousness makes him divine,' so are his words  made poetic by this contemporary children's tale.

What is most revealing about this simple tale is the subconscious allegory of humanity during our travels from the higher state of relative freedom beyond the jungle's margins (what we may term the prison planet) to meet first a parrot, then lion, giraffe, crocodile, snake and finally warthog.

These animals symbolize, respectively, immature humanity (monkey), inability to think for onesself (parrot), courage or victory over intellect (lion), the struggle between emotions and logic (giraffe), an understanding of death and betrayal (crocodile), temptation and discernment (snake) and finally ignorance (warthog).

Coincidentally, these are the symbols used in the journey along the path of liberation from suffering, as we accept happiness and suffering as two sides to the same coin of this realm - earth life. This is a fact little known to my daughter who is more fascinated by the movable eyes that are a big selling part of the book. These large eyes move by courtesy of finger holes in the back of the book, capturing the imagination of a child, who sees each animal that Mia meets during her travails in the deep dark jungles. The large eyes move as each page has a cut out to reveal the same eyes on each page. The eyes, the window to the soul, show the transmigration of the soul through its various incarnations. Magic indeed!

Mia epitomises our innocent desire to transform through adventure with the ardent hope of eventually coming back home with new-found friends and some boredom-breaking experiences. This is the everyman's dream - to meet the dangers of the jungle and yet somehow return through the tearing of the veil of ignorance. It is a dream long invested in, cherished and nurtured by many great men and women of these last two centuries who have sacrificed so much to return every man, woman and child back to our hearth and heartland.

Rumi's thoughts are consummate on the eternal cyclical journey of all, when he says:
'I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as plant and rose to animal,
I died as animal and I was Man.
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?
Yet once more I shall die as Man, to soar
With angels bless'd; but even from angelhood
I must pass on: all except God doth perish.

25 January, 2012

Australia Day, 2012

Sitting at home, when outside, patriots are celebrating either our nation's past or more likely just enjoying their brief holiday from the work-a-day treadmill, I pause to reflect the sweet solace found in playing a piano with my daughter, especially when the piano is a plastic toy purchased at KMart for $20. The toy was made in that new and rising empire China, and within 15 seconds of opening it, my daughter had pulled off one of the black keys. Before long, she realises more noise can be made with a heel than a hand. After 10 minutes, the box the piano came in is far more interesting to her one-year-old mind. The world seems too fascinating a place for a child to obsess over just one toy. This is a recurring theme of sweet youth; the content being less important than the form. The eye will always be far more naked than the mind.

On the news today, more fears of global economic turmoil, sabre rattling by the Western hegemony (FUKUS) with that unknown country, Iran, whose secrets are deeper than Bill Gates' pockets. Then the media turns on a dime to focus more intently on the ferocity of pre-football speculations about who will triumph when the siren blares that weekend in September's grand final. Australian football, or here as it is known, Aussie Rules. A gladiator sport in the real sense. No padding or helmets, just sheer machismo and might.

But for all our bravado and brute, us Aussie's don't rule. We are the fifty-third state of the USA, the 52nd being the moon. Our malls mirror Los Angeles' franchises, our roads all leading to New York, but not all of them above ground. 'I love America', a friend tells me, clutching his green-and-golds to his wine-soaked lips, 'but I would never want to work that hard'.

In this remote-viewed part of the galaxy, there is unity in consciousness' ability to see itself as nowhere and everywhere. Though I am luxuriating on a couch in a modest rented house, my mind is focusing on the Guardian who is ever present in my mind these days, more like a shadow rather than a ghost. I had a similar experience in the last 30 minutes of my father's life; that all-encompassing presence of his psyche within my mind and merging with it. It is a feeling inexplicable to someone who has never experienced it. More a mind-meld than possession. Whatever it is, this Guardian's presence gives me greater meaning to a previously confused and directionless life. Or maybe it is just a child in my life that has provided the rudder? One asks many questions during a quest, but the answers aren't always the same - they depend on where you are when you ask them. As Richard Hoagland once said, the truth, like lies, varies at every level.

If I knew what was to come in the future, would I accept it, or would I interfere with it, and thus, in altering the fabric of time, would I be forever altering choices in a never-ending journey of choice-action-choice-action? The Butterfly effect is not a complex hyperbole, at least at this historical moment in history. The choices available are few as we approach this summit of peak spiritual experience. For lesser mortals, the choices may be more myriad, but as one ascends the calendar of 2012, the choices, like the remaining chess moves before checkmate, become so limited as to eventually reach end-game; i.e. one has only one choice - to complete one's soul's contract. There is not even the choice of not making a choice. 'Free will' at this point is no longer present. No solipsistic enquiry is available, no philosophical dialectic an option. Only action, compunction, No chance to ask 'to be or not to be'. To wit, Shakespeare's phrase is no longer pertinent.

Welcome to this last decade of dualistic life on Earth! Let the celebrations begin. Let beer flow onto sticky streets, take joy-drunk lovers atop the highest buildings to watch more mercurial fireworks, puncture the preacher's dark cloister with star-filled nights that have never witnessed a second sun, dry the children's teary cheeks with a mother's warm hand, muzzle aged revolution's guns with cotton laughter and silence the wailing walls with a sunny smile. This timeline has ended. The dawn has come. Nothing bad can ever come again, as witnessed by the eternal firmaments that have seen the best and worst of what man has been, and what women were denied to be.

21 January, 2012

Look up, step up, move on...

In the post-UFO disclosure scenario, when people first look up to see the shining hulls of alien craft that have arrived on earth and witness a coterie of foreigners emerging down the gangplank looking for a new home, what will we do?

We may run to the hills, the pub or the gun chest. Hopefully some will overcome their inherent fear to ask a few salient questions to the alien visitors, such as:
*Why are you here?
*Where do you come from?
*What do you want?

Alien visitations are not a new scenario. They have been repeated countless times throughout history. Aliens have come in search of silks, spices and opiates from The Old World. Aliens like Christopher Columbus who discovered the Americas, and Captain James Cook who discovered Arnhem Land. The pursuit of adventure by noble men, funded by ignoble capitalists.

Unfortunately for ancient civilisations, the discovery of new lands by ruling empires resulted in the eventual pillaging and plundering of terra nullius followed inexorably with the introduction of a foreign government, religion and disease upon the civilisations that had been native to the land. This is why modern man fears ETs. We fear that what we have done to others of our own species in our history could happen to us by another species in the future. But I ask - will this happen again? But not just to a new continent, but a new earth?

I would argue that these 'new' visitors cannot inflict alien sovereignty upon this earth for a number of reasons:

  • Alien visitations have been recorded throughout human history. Our presence has been known to ETs since antiquity. We are not a 'recent' novelty in the eyes of ETs. Nor could we be considered a 'new' treasure to be plundered. One could actually argue the opposite - we have already been plundered in the past!
  • The argument that we have mineral resources beyond those found elsewhere in the galaxy is unfounded and laudable. Many near-earth asteroids have 10-100 times more minerals than this planet, and are uninhabited (and therefore non-hostile). Asteroids located near Mars are reported to have more valuable minerals than those found on earth. It has also been argued that our biological stores may be sought after as unique, but to any ET with abundant technology, especially genetic manipulation such as those who have purportedly created humanity in the first place, our storehouse of genes are not arguably unique. If we argue that we are historically created as genetically mutations by ETs, would this not logically dictate that they must have genetic stores in abundance?
  • If ETs were to invade, they would have done so more than fifty years ago, before we developed nuclear weapons and other military arsenal reverse-engineered specifically for extraterrestrial defence
  • If ETs had a 'harvest' plan similar to that proposed by the Annunaki, they could have easily have defeated us psychologically pre-Ascension. We are no more likely to accept a foreign rule in this current spiritual state than we are to accept the dark cabal's rule in world governments.
  • The theory that ETs have superior mind powers - the capacity to change our thoughts and overpower them - is well known. However, such powers are increasingly vapid in a post-Ascension state. Many people are awakening from years of mind control by politicians, media and the military. We no longer trust authority, except our own.
  • For all that has been posited about the human propensity for greed and carelessness, attributed to our 'selfish genes', humans are remarkably selfless and altruistic during times of peak confrontation and when our survival is under threat.
  • We are an inherently xenophobic planet - the likelihood of a conflict or covert invasion is unlikely considering our long history of being invaded by other tribes, nations, races. Only peaceful mediation would work. And thus is it any wonder why disclosure has been so long in coming?
  • The argument for a subtle invasion by interbreeding is too problematic. Although half-bred aliens probably exist, it is questionable whether their allegiance can be truly non-human directed. A point in fact is the 'illuminati', who even in their selfishness, will surrender to an external force with the caveat that they retain their human pleasures and security.
  • The long history of American, Russian and Chinese mediation with malevolent ETs has shown extensively our distrust of less than honourable visitors. Despite our abuse and secretion of alien technology, any malevolent ET would realise we are anything but predictable in an invasion scenario.
  • As I have mentioned in The Guardian's Call, people's experiences with ETs are remarkably common. We are unlikely to immediately deify any alien visitor as a god or a devil. More likely, we will assume him as merely a stranger. Some are good, some are bad. Is this any different to our experiences when meeting any stranger?

The argument for a global malevolent invasion is illogical, unless we assume they are not extraterrestrial but interterrestrial (i.e. a human cabal wanting to take over the earth, which I argue has already happened!). It is well known to those steeped in the journals of alternate media that malevolent ETs do in fact exist and frequently invade out airspace. However, the duplicity of these humanoids cannot serious impact us globally at this time. Not because of our supposed technological skills at defending ourselves, but primarily because of our spiritual skills at dispelling illusions. I posit the argument that were Jesus to appear in latter day America, he would quickly be sidelined as yet another prophet, not because he was not who he declared himself to be, but that individual spirituality has risen to a level that has almost made prophets redundant as global teachers.

More than one generation must pass before the homocentric universe is toppled, just as it took a generation after Galileo's death before the notion of a heliocentric universe was finally accepted. Even with space craft from the Pleiedes in the sky over every major city worldwide, some citizens will still flatly deny their existence, just as surely as some deny the existence of homosexuals, UFOs and ghosts today.

As a practicing veterinarian (after 25 years, I am still trying to get it right), I would welcome a revolution in ET-assisted medicine. I am constantly amazed and bemused that science thinks it has full control over disease. I see, on a daily basis, diseases that we control rather than cure, just as police control crime rather than cure it. We fail holistically, just as human medicine does, to treat the whole patient, not just the disease. We are managed by bosses, clients' expectations and drug representatives, each out to get their share of the attention. If we were fully looking to treat the patient, we would have to admit that in many cases, unless it is a broken leg, we cannot do more than suggest healthier lifestyles or dispense antibiotics or anti-inflammatories. Curing social diseases such as obesity is one thing - curing a genetic disease is another.

I cringe when I think what the next generation will perceive us early 21st century 'healers', when in our arrogance we think ourselves wise and learned men, yet in reality are often more concerned with income rather than outcome. After so many degrees under my belt, I can honestly say that all my knowledge is worthless compared to my intuition. I am fully cognisant that there is more we don't know about health than we know about disease. Health is a oneness, whereas disease is a discordant plurality of an infinite number of ways that things can go wrong when we interfere with nature.

And what of religion post-disclosure? My devout friends will no doubt retain their faith. Indeed, like myself, they will probably develop a deeper faith and firmer resolve which is based on a true sense of fellowship with out fellow man, which after all is the meaning of religion. A oneness based on the many.

What if our new brothers and sisters are no different than us? What if their needs for fellowship and community can be shared with our own. What if they have needs as equal to our own? Would we be able to acknowledge them rather than label them with the same bigotry we labelled in prior centuries the homosexuals, the blacks, the flat-earth deniers?

Can we step up and treat them as aliens in need of a home? It may have taken many years, but we welcomed Germany and Japan into the international community after WWII. The rogue extraterrestrial elements may call a surrender post-disclosure. Can we finally accept them as we accepted the two rogue nations after the second world war? Or will we be forever distrustful and armed? The choice must be ours to make. Sooner of later, someone has to have the courage to step up to the plate and lay down their guns. In destroying an enemy, we only sow the seeds of future retribution. In refusing to continue fighting, we open the dialogue for lasting peace. There can only be one outcome, unless we are looking to win, but in winning, everyone loses in the long run. I ask only that whoever accepts our invitation to co-exist on this planet, that they honour our sovereign international constitutions as well as our 'five freedoms' before requesting a resident visa.

Forgetting the naive politicians and media who will clamour for attention over this latest circus that has arrived in town, one thing is for sure, disclosure will reveal to most intelligent people that humanity did not evolve from monkeys, that Darwin's theories fell short of his expectations, that science in its arrogance has failed us, and that Christ is not the only saviour on the table.

Shantideva said it best: 'If there's something you can do about it, why worry? If there's nothing you can do about it, why worry?'

10 January, 2012

The guardian's call

Experiences with ETs are remarkably common. In an attempt to understand my own anomalous experience in Jan 1996, I pursued a reputable hypnotic regression method which I hoped might be more effective than that which I had attempted to divulge through meditation techniques.

After a session with a Dolores Cannon-registered hyponotherapist in Melbourne, I was amused to find that my encounter with the ET I had met in '96 was a man who called himself the 'guardian'. He has been instrumental in this and a number of my past lives (notably four that I recall on this planet). This guardian, who is a 5th dimensional being from the Arcturus solar system, asked me more than 500 years ago if I would make the descension to earth to assist with the Ascension of humanity from 1987-2017. It is not unusual to be asked for assignments way into the future. As I was soon to realise, I was one of a large army called up for service. As problematic as this is for those who make the choice, it is not without its advantages; primarily an ability to overcome limitations of consciousness. Giving up one's heavenly solace in exchange for a greater solace thereafter is a small price with greater reward.

Prior to accepting this mission, I was living alone on a self-created planetoid in the Virgo constellation, not unlike the story of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exuprey. Life was simple, though not lonely. Upon choosing the guardian's call, I left my planet and began the start of this assignment on a rogue planet as a 200 kilogram humanoid with limited physical movements. This was a lesson in the limitations of flesh. In my first incarnation on Earth, I experienced human life about 1500 A.D., in a Micronesian village, where I learnt the limitations of love as a widower in a small village. This was followed in the late 1800s by a simple life as a university 'gardener' before this life. This was a lesson on the limitations of intellect. This present life as a veterinarian is a lesson in the limitations of spirit.

When I talk about the limitations of spirit, specifically I mean that the spirit desires to modify physicality through the power of flesh, or the force of intellect or the passion of love, but it cannot without renouncing its own essence and realising it is merely a vehicle of the Creator. This does not imply spiritual suicide but surrender. In essence, the spirit has no essence save that which inspires it. One of the 'ceilings' which acts as a block for most spiritual warriors is the notion of annata. Few warriors can reconcile themselves with the unpalatable thought that their soul is not unique in any long-term way, certainly not beyond the 5th dimension or higher. This is one of the lessons in spiritual pride, for though we renounce all earthly things, many warriors still cling to their spiritual pride, which is yet another downfall.

These Ascension times are not about vanquishing the darkness, but helping to liberate all those who are willing to ascend, including the earth herself. It is analogous to the lotus in the mud pond. Given enough sunlight (illumination) the lotus bud will rise above and flower above the dross that surrounds it. Not all conscious forms will be liberated, but those who choose to, will. The Guardian also made it extremely clear to me during my regression that he was 'strictly business' in his approach to the earth's progress during this time. The will of the Creator cannot be denied, and the guardian will make manifest the Creator's intent. Obeying the laws of free will, he will endeavour that all avenues are exhausted in order to achieve the goal of ascension. Like anyone who has a boss to answer to, we must do our chosen work loyally, punctually and to the best of our abilities; no more, no less. We are not miracle workers, just workers of the miracle of life. We can chose to quit any time. But why would you betray yourself and your sacred contract?

The Guardian who was so instrumental in this incarnation impressed on me the importance of service to others as a spiritual journey in and of itself. In my search for the key to liberation, I came to understand that service to others is the key, just as the Tao pronounced the path is the goal. There is no end-game or destination, just a continued service to others in an endless journey of growth, liberation and reunion with self and the Creator. In this time of Ascension, there are millions and millions of non-corporeal and corporeal volunteers helping us both on the planet and off. Some will fail due to inexperience or spiritual weakness, whereas others will surprise those that have chosen them for this form of work. We are not asked to help everyone, in fact, the number of people we help are meaningless. Time after all is non-linear in higher dimensions, and in the timeless 'now', the numbers we help always add up to 'one'. So help where you can and leave the rest to others. If you shine your light, does it matter who it illuminates?

Like many others, when I am done here, I have more work to do, so there is no point with worrying about accumulating trophies. The times are a changing, and those who remain will scarcely remember what we have done, or ever recognise the service. We are the faceless minions of the divine.