28 February, 2012

The timely merry go round

When she looks at me, I see my dead father, my past-life wife, my long-ago partner on another planet. She has my eyes, hazel and fire, born of a wildness that comes with indigo's wild-child. My love, my soul, my other self, my offspring, my wonderling, my child.

When a baby is born, two loves are created, one for the mother, the other for the child, both loves offspring of desire, but the predominant one a love that is at once both selfless and devotional, not unlike the worshipful who take refuge in the buddha.

As the infant grows and leaves the nest, our love transmutes to social kinship. If we are lucky, we realise that all the children are ours for the loving, all the sisters of society are our wives, all the brothers of business our husbands, every wound our own, every tear one more we have shed.

What lacking is there when we cannot grow in this form of love, a love which does not require a physical child to be manifest, but a child within that grows, is born from pain and matures with tender care and devotion. We must become the child we wish to have, the change we wish to see in our dependants, offspring, partners, friends and society. We are all these things when we become them. We must walk into the wild unseen, hold the unborn child in our heart before it becomes desire.

Smartly dumb or dumbly smart

Launched from Canada by Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammed, the world's first Legomonaut has appeared on the galactic stage.

With the use of helium ballons, this robopilot experienced the stratosphere for a highschool project to test the skills of low-budget technology. And it was an achievement in terms of logical application of basic physics by two teenagers.

Such newsworthy material highlights that small things done in a big way can be illuminating, provocative and liberating to the imagination. Note however, that this experiment was based upon exhaustive trials and the application of intellectual rigor. One cannot overemphasise the importance of intelligence, nor the need for schooling to develop that training. Albeit we are eager to lambast the education system that develops scholars who are more adept at passing exams than the ability to be critical thinkers, there is still an urgent need for having a deep understanding of science, literature and philosophy before undertaking any important experiments in science or art.

Many people quote, as an example, how Einstein successfully develop his theory of relativity without any formal education. Well, unfortunately, this was proven to be a hoax. Alfred Einstein in fact had a PhD from the University of Munich in 1905. Adept at marketing, he was quick to tell everyone how uneducated and lacking in dress and social skills he was, raising people's sympathies for his eccentric ideas and lifestyle. Arguably he was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, second only to Nikola Tesla, who was more an inventor than theoretician. As a result of his clever marketing, Einstein quickly became known as the smartest dumb person on the planet. How this marketing fits in with social theory is that it leads the 'common man' to think that 'were I not so overworked and over committed, I too could be like him.'

What most do not realise is that few are born with talent, and of the few that are, even fewer desire to make a change for the better, to implement their skills in the service of others. Artists are perhaps the most guilty of using their skills base for less than selfless reasons. As George Orwell once lamented: 'All writers are vain, selfish and lazy, and at the very bottom of their motives there lies a mystery. Writing a book is horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven by some demon which one can neither resist nor understand.'

The artist, who is the right-sided mirror of the left-sided scientist, channels their energies into works that are merely a reflection of an inner universe which they perceive as an altered reality. not dissimilar to what scientists do when they study the universe and attempt to verify the outer universe as a reflection of an inner theory they have constructed or construed to be true. We have to be very careful at worshipping both art and science despite them being the only valid truths we have currently to work with. Extreme scientific scepticism and fanatical religious dogmatism are two sides of the same coin. As Neal Maxwell remarked, 'It is so easy to be confrontive without being informative; indignant without being intelligent, impulsive without being insightful.'

Let us being open to the young, whose art and science have begun to 'occupy' the paradigm of what we consider facts in both science and art. Though they may be revolutionary, pugilistic and confronting, it does not negate from their contribution to society.

24 February, 2012

Divinum sedare dolorem

Unless we see the signs, how do we know what we are dealing with? Without understanding what our eyes are seeing, we cannot comprehend the meaning. We look, but not always see. Most problems arise not by not knowing, but by not understanding what it is we are seeing or feeling. This has been drummed into me over and anon by university lecturers, who stress the importance of semiotics (symbolism) and metacognition (the way we make problem solve) as vital integers in the all important diagnosis.

'Diagnosis is half the treatment,' said one of my lecturers, and I am yet to prove him wrong.

Diagnosis is applicable not only in medicine but life in general. Unless we expert ourselves through studying signs and symbols in everyday life, how can we possible understand what we are seeing in life, or reading in the news. A journalist is killed in Syria. We know this is tragic, but who killed her? And why? And was the real murderer for or against the regime? She was a western journalist reporting on the Friends of Syria fighting Assad's troops. Some say she was killed to amplify hatred of the regime. Others that Assad is obviously a cruel tyrant. The fog of war makes truths most cloudy a casualty.

There are some things we cannot know, for reasons of evidentiary lack or distortion of truths by interference. Like Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, just observing a valid phenomenon changes it. Think of how we finally realise that someone is cheating us at cards. We look at them across the table and instantly, they recognise 'that we know what they know'. So does the curtain of their complicity fall, as quickly as the Berlin Wall. How, also, we meet a stranger across a crowded room and know immediately that something has changed between us and our eyes lock on each other in a romantic gaze. These are the effects of cognitive semiotics. Once the observer see things as they really are, the observer and the object instantly and simultaneously change in real time, regardless of the distance which separates them.

This phenomenon applies not only to objects and people, but also to concepts. Once we understand a concept, the concept itself changes for us. Concepts such as pain, joy, love. These are ineffable states that are in constant flux. Some are temporary, some permanent, but their 'quality' is immensely mutable in the face of how the observer perceives them.

It is a divine act to relieve pain - divinum sedare dolorem. But the greatest pain of all is not physical but psychic. We can ignore the psychic pain that comes from ignoring the reality all about us. Or we can adopt the motto of the Illuminati; In somno securitas - in sleep there is safety.

The choice is ours for the making but it must be a non-violent choice, based on evidence that is tried and tested.

23 February, 2012

Palpating the hybridoma... or how not to be a worry-wart

Ascension. It can be a frustrating journey of fumbling, tumbling and grumbling.

I am, for the most part, more akin to a Neanderthal stumbling in a dark cave trying to find a light switch, not realising that electricity hasn't been invented, nor modern walls, plastics, and light bulbs. But how do I instinctively know about light switches? Arguably it is because a lot of my subconscious activities are actually my higher self attempting to invent that which only my higher self knows to be already existent. More likely, sheer frustration has melted my cognitive processes and I am in autopilot mode.

There is a constant fumbling in the dark that has reverted to something more immediate and sinister, an obsessive compulsive scratching at my forehead. I feel of late that there is a tumour growing on my forehead. I scrape it constantly, pulling at the skin that welts off like small orange peels. I watch as it bleeds then grows as I look into the mirror. This tumour (which my doctor has diagnosed as a benign keratoma, and immediately dismisses me as a worry wart) does not appease my fears. As a trained physician, I instinctively know the darker implications of unusual growths. Intuition tells me this growth of hyperkeratotic cells are accosting the healthy skin beneath it. In response to this self-inflicted inflammatory torment, I apply Flamazine lotion, then cortisone cream, but to no avail. Could I be dying? Could the pathologist be wrong and what I really have is a malignant tumour?

I believe I have a hybridoma, which is a benign growth of hybrid cells, a mixture of monoclonal antibody producing cells. I call it a hybridoma because I like the name. It is far more regal a name than any other insidious cancer, but what's in a name that by any other is not as sinister or replete?

At the cellular level, hybridomas represent a pure cell line free of any traces of inpure antibody-producing cells. At the symbolic level, hybridomas are an outgrowing of normal thoughts - we call them memes. It is present in society as emergent concept that grow from constant irritation, resulting in revolutionary changes in social structure and rapid industrial inventions which change the way humanity operates. Memes are a new name for what has been known since long before I set foot on this planet as 'the shift' or ascension. My best friend, a Queen of her local Wicca colony, is also struggling with her download of new spiritual energies. She suffers a plethora of unusual symptoms including tinnitus, vertigo, temporary blindness and at times a most embarrassing blondness. I prefer a wart on my forehead. It is far less problematic for the active worker ant that I am.

My guru says the lump on my head is from where my third eye is awakening, but we don't get on much any more and because of that, his diagnosis is unsuspectingly circumspect. He seems to laugh too much, care too much, sympathise too much. Everything about him has become excessive. I think he is going insane, or possibly has been all along and I am just beginning to realise the truth - when the teacher is ready, the student disappears. So I have reluctantly embraced the guru-less phase, wandering the path alone, my path growing ever more faint behind me, ahead only fresh grass and alpine shrubs. Sadly, the reasons for this journey have long been forgotten. My days of total recall are well and truly behind me, and I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast (which is usually a 6 am coffee). I forget where I place things, and sometimes walk out of a room because I couldn't remember the purpose for entering it. It's an ageing process, yet chronos is a lord who, though he steals small daily pleasures, has the good graces to at least replace them with intermittent intractable joys. A fair trade I conclude. At least the joy of solitude is more enriching than it used to be. A silent room, a blank page to fill, an empty head like a cloudless sky - these things are humorous and enlightening of a heavy body.

The prognosis is that eventually I shall succumb to the ravages of this hybridoma, in five years or fifty, and though all that will be left is a small jar containing the mouldy formalin remnants of biopsied tissue, I shall have left a contribution to humanity; my immortal self embedded as DNA in my daughter, my preserved hybridoma in some dusty laboratory, my thoughts out in cyberspace for the antiquity collectors of future spacetime historians. Alas poor Yorick, I knew thee well...

I must constantly remind myself, like a morning mantra, that I am more than mere worried flesh that toils and moils. When the wheel no longer spins, and gravity has ceased her hold upon this spirit, what remains is the timeless, placeless ineffability of the divine.

Secret life of cats

'A cat is a cat is a cat.'

These were the first words spoken by my medicine lecturer on the first day of fourth year classes at vet school. Cats in those days (the early 1980s), were still thought of as small dogs. We studied canine medicine, canine pharmacology, canine surgery, and just co-opted those ideas into the feline model. It worked well most of the times, except for the occasional time when a cat would have a raging morphine mania, or react ferociously to some topical drug we applied to kill fleas and ticks. But the odd loss of a cat was considered acceptable. They were still the poor cousins to more important species, namely dogs. We got on with learning everything about dogs. We had a feline specialist who give us a lecture during fourth year, a grey-haired old professor who had published the definitive book on feline diseases. It was a best-selling book on cat diseases. This professor was considered an odd ball for only being interested in feline medicine. I also recall going to see him in relation to a constipated cat that I couldn't fix in final year of university. His parting words haunt me to this day.

‛I know nothing about cats,’ he said, ‛and I challenge anyone to know more than I do.’ I could swear his pupils dilated slit-like before I left the room.

Most vets like cats, although there is the odd sanguineous-type ones who remark that ‛they liked cats but that they couldn't eat a whole one.’ I have worked with quite a few who complain that cats just sit around all day, do nothing except destroy the wildlife and expect to get fed for it, comparing them to dole-bludgers at best. Such remarks are obvious oblivious to the truth that the worst predator of nature is of course man, and the least productive of species (in terms of creative use of resources) is of course industrialised man.

As a veterinary student, I was one of the more eccentric types in my class of mostly young, late-pubescent males. I was, at the time, a vegetarian who owned an unruly and at times destructive black dog (at the time I didn’t realise the symbolism of that dog, but that’s another story all together). I tended to skip a lot of classes, struggling with agoraphobia, depression and an overwhelming urge to ‛really do something with my life!’ It would take years for me to learn that doing is not as important as being, and by then I was comfortable ensconced in a feline practise that allowed me to be cat like, sitting around most days, doing little except my hobby of tending to sick cats.

I didn't remember much else of my university classes on cats, except that cats has this peccadillo about their liver enzymes, an exotic type of hypersensitivity to drugs, especially aspirin, Tylenol, and a million other chemicals, a bit like a skid-row alcoholic whose liver is so shot that one drink would kill him. Cats don't drink, but they sure can die real quick from a sip of aspirin. I had spent most of his twenty odd years at that time buried in scholarly books, but knew that a cat had five weapons, none of them blunt. Cats have many enemies, the worse one being themselves.

I remembered little else from university days about cats. Just a few other interesting comments made by a surgical specialist who remarked flippantly that if a cat had a broken leg, as long as the two bones are in the same room, they’ll knit right back together again. Well, let me tell you - I was to prove this wrong many times before I came to realise, after ten years of working exclusively with cats that nothing is true in the cat world except the undeniable fact that no one knows anything about cats.

The history of cats

If you follow the money trail, the history of cats dates back to around the time of Adam and Eve. The money trail is peppered by historians, who are paid reasonably well these days to dig up bones, carbon-date and DNA test felidae and write the history of cats as an evolutionary branch of wild cats. Historians are clever detectives. Cats, according to grave diggers, originated in that cradle of civilisation, the old Lemuria of antiquity, Cyprus, where feline bones have been found that date back to around 10,000 BC. It is likely that Eve was the first owner of a pet cat, and she probably wished her cat had not been snoozing under a bush so that it could shoo off that horrid snake that caused so many problems for the first humans.

If you follow the love trail (that is, those who study the pursuit of passion rather than the motivation of money), the rabbit-hole of enquiry about where cats really came from, it would lead you to a very different habitat, a place off-planet, in a a constellation known as Sirius A. Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the heavens, and despite the ocular illusion, it is actually binary (two stars); Sirius A and Sirius B. In common terms, we call it the dog star, though any cat would be offended should you call it so. This confusion perpetuates the veterinary conundrum where most of us think of them as small dogs.

Within the Sirius A system, you would see a bipedal humanoid who is the living progenitors of earth’s cats. Interestingly, they are a bipedal humanoid with a cat-like head not unlike the face of Bast that so many ailurophiles (cat lovers) worship. The felidae are members of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance as well as the Niburian Mastery Council. As some people would known, the Niburian Mastery Council have of late received much discredit as they are responsible for the dark Cabal that presently runs the world banks. This however is a discredit to felidae, who have only an honorary position on this board. Any cat will affirm that they support the Illuminati (after all, a rich human will feed them better than a poor one), and some of the most famous of them have been intimate bedfellows with the Rothchilds’ families for many years. A little known truth is that cats are really double agents, reporting to both the Illuminati as well as secretly revealing insider information to the White Hats - colloquially known as WhiskerLeaks.

They say that cats’ eyes are the eyes of God. Well, it not entirely accurate. They are telepathic transmitters to humanoid monitors who receive messages via cerebral implants located within cats. All cats report back to Sirius A, apart from a few rogue species, especially the tortoiseshell breed of domestic cats, who report directly to the Illuminati. This ‛naughty torti’ should never be trusted. They have been directly linked with the increasing push by ‛big brother’ for the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA). Tortoiseshells are the bane of my clinic. They are the first to bite, the first to rip out all their stitches post-operatively, and the last to take a pill orally. I attribute it to the ‛Red Head’ gene, but this is a disservice to Red Heads, whom ginger cats happily belong to and are neither naughty or Illuminati-controlled.

As most ‛in tune’ people now know, the planet earth is entering the Age of Aquarius. What this essentially means, ignoring the celestial alignment of planets and the influx of galactic fourth-dimensional energy waves, is that most rules are being broken down to assimilate a unity of consciousness. Cats are implicated in this transition which began in 1987 and concludes at around 2017. In feline medicine, this transition has resulted in an enormous shift in feline medicine from the problem-based diagnose and drug to the evidence-based collate and cure. What this essentially means is that feline medicine is now moving away from the simplistic method of diagnosing an illness and treating with an appropriate medicine to a more holistic paradigm of multi-diagnostic testing for possible multi-organ involvement in disease through evidence-based medicine and then treating holistically by evoking a response toward health rather than an elimination of a problem-based orientation. The notion of ‛cure’ in feline medicine is admittedly an ambitious one, but as the saying goes, if we aim for the stars, we might at least reach the moon.

Feline Kama Sutra

I often think that most cats should be classified as closeted gays or at least suffering chronic gender dysphoria. With due respect to the sacred bonds of homosexuality, cats are often in full denial until the very last moment of acquiescence. Although masturbation is a frequent past-time of male cats, it is often a sign of boredom in domestic felines.

When it comes to their sex life, a cats body language is often ‛I don’t want him. I definitely don’t want him!’ These word, usually uttered as snarling howls, often precede the act of coitus by only a few minutes. It is not so much that cats hate sex, but that they are almost reluctant to get into it compared to other species. Perhaps it involves too much energy for an otherwise laid-back Garfield. Perhaps this is why the act of feline sex usually lasts only a few seconds each time. Maybe they realise what monks have long known, that sex really is overrated, rather than x-rated.

The feline kama-sutra would compose only three lines.

This is how we do it.

This is how we don’t do it.

It's done.

22 February, 2012

Placebo power

From years of treating the four-legged variety of sick and injured, I have come to one unassailable conclusion - never underestimate the power of the placebo. So many cures (approximately 50%) that are attributed to DVMs can appropriately be assigned to nature doing what it does best - fixing the wrongs that humans make when they attempt to enclose an animal in an artificial environment, feed them artificial food and treat their ills with artificial medicines. Things like aspirin (a natural herb), band-aids, poultices and laxatives are still in demand, despite FDA's attempts at making them prescription drugs. As a child, I would often accompany my parents to the vet with our cat or dog that had been bitten by a snake or paralysis tick or hit by a car, but never for a vaccination. Sure, we used DDT-based insecticides because the vet said we had to get rid of the fleas, but we were reluctant to use said chemicals as my parents knew too well that these would be absorbed through our skin (remember, these were the days when skin exposure to chemicals was thought trivial).

Even in the 21st century, I am still very much a proponent of evidence-based medicine and the judicious use of therapeutic medicines, however, that comes with a big caveat. There is a time and place for everything. If there is pus in a wound, then antibiotics are recommended. If there is a fever, antivirals may be indicated. If there is a worm crawling out the animal's butt, antiparasitic drugs might be useful. A lot of diseases, at least in animals, are the result of food (commercially prepared), fluids (dirty water, chemically tainted) and fomites (parasites, synthetic carpets, chemicals, synthetic cloths). I cannot recall the number, likely to be in the tens of thousands, where a pet I was treating had received antibiotics and/or steroids for years because of unresolved allergy problems that are quite rare in the natural habitat, but relatively common in domesticated pets. For most other problems, doing nothing is to evoke a placebo effect - in effect we relinquish responsibility to nature. It also allows for a more accurate diagnosis to be determined.

Veterinarians subscribe to the maxim, 'first do no harm'. Sadly, most vets make the confession that at one time or another they have killed an animal via a treatment. This is not a slander of veterinarians, as they rarely are motivated to a particular treatment solely for financial reasons. Most commonly, the motivator is to cure the problem so that they can get on with other cases.

Therefore, if there was ever a 'cure' for cancer, believe me when I say that most veterinarians would jump at the chance. We would not go bankrupt. On the contrary, such a cure would free up our time to concentrate on more important issues, such as disease prevention and health promotion, two domains that are far more interesting than the unending queue of dogs that need a steroid shot or a cat with chronic allergies that needs yet another antibiotic jab. Though conspiracies abound about pharmaceutical companies limiting access to cancer cures, I can rest at night knowing that whomever has the key to that safe wherein the holy grail of cures lies, it is not one of my compatriots in the field of veterinary science.

When free energy, holistic cures and world peace have arrived, I will still invest in band-aids, aspirin and laxatives. Sometimes, a dog will still want to go chase cars.

21 February, 2012

Unity of consciousness

I had an intensely vivid dream a few nights ago, a dream where I stood before a man whose shoulders were on fire. He held in his hand a sign which said, quite simply, 'U.O.C'.

At first I thought I was looking into the eyes of the devil before a study of dream images online made me understand that my subconscious was making me face personal issues of unregulated sexual desire. This is an issue many men are faced with, either consciously or unconsciously; the need to balance the creative energy expressed through the base chakra so that it flows in positive and generative ways that does not conflict with the sovereignty of the opposite sex. This dream is not about becoming celibate, but clearing consciousness of unnecessary clutter; lewd thoughts, fantasies, past romantic regrets, etc. Coincidentally, I was also seeking to buy a good lawnmower in this dream, a valid semiotic inference about balancing negative and positive energies.

In these times of heightened emotional awareness, creativity has risen to the fore, manifesting as increased kundalini energy which seeks to liberate consciousness from duality based to unity based. The pursuit of unity consciousness is foremost based on a parallel rise in earth-energies as the solar system experiences the waves of energy that have reached it from the galactic core.

Manipulation, deception and subterfuge are methods which the 'fire' burns other people. Self-destruction is its end-point when these energies run out of fuel and begin to consume itself.

The burning man has been iconic since the dawn of humanity and represents not only individual emotional attachment issues but collective ones as well. Fire is a spirituality transformative energy. The Celtics use the fire motif as a concept of enlightenment that striked a balance between male/female or physical/ethereal in order to reach the total unification of polarities. In Buddhism, the energy of Maitreya, the future Buddha, is compared to fire. It is a universal symbol for transformation at its very essence and transmutation into a new state.

What such dreams portends for individual spiritual devotees is dependent upon their individual interpretations but I suspect much of what we dream of late is not only personal but of global implication as well.

18 February, 2012

The UFO within

Hands up all those who have seen one of these (picture left; a ghost). Keep holding up your hands those who have seen or experienced directly a UFO, angel or any other anomalous experience.

Those who have not raised their hands are the sceptics. Those who have their hands raised are the romantics. The sceptics are left-brain rationalists, the romantics the right-brained artists.

Do anomalous experiences exist in reality? I posit that they occur in the eyes and mind of those who wish to see them. That does not imply that they are a figment of the right-brained imagination, but rather that believing is seeing. This is a well-recognised phenomenon, that the universe projects onto the mind whatever the mind wants to see. What we see is largely dependent on the conditioning experiences we have experienced from birth; i.e. the imprints that have been encoded into our consciousness. As we think, so we are. The above photo was taken from Wikipedia, which has a lengthy explanation of what ghosts are, how they have been reported since the first recorded experience of them thousands of years ago and how they have persisted in modern times. Wikipedia, generally speaking, does not believe they exist as there is no scientific proof to verify their presence in the physical universe. In other words, the lengthy treatise of ghosts is merely to explain what they are, despite them not being a true, rational and empirical phenomenon. Welcome to the paradox of logic. What cannot exist has been reported ad nauseum, but truly sane and logical people do not believe them.

There is an interesting interview by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot with James of the WingMakers, who discusses how everything that is projected outside of the mind is in fact a holographic construction to entrap the mind. Put simply, every mental pursuit for betterment of self is inevitably fraught with failure because the mind is in itself a limited tool incapable of perceiving that which created it. Many saints in Christian, Islamic and Buddhist faiths discuss the need to empty the mind of constant chatter by prolonged mindfulness that focusses entirely on the breath of life; in essence, if we are not on our breath, we are in our mind. It implies that while seeing a ghost or ufo assumes a certain level of mental acuity and rapprochement with the 'unseen', it can be a pitfall into become a zealot. We become addicted to seeing more ghosts or UFOs or other anomalous events, rather than understanding that they are signposts along a spiritual journey within. In pursuing further rendezvous with other ghosts of UFOs, we are fixating on the signpost rather than its symbolic meaning - a signpost to further spiritual experiences. It is a universal message of saints that becoming one with the inner extraterrestrials is the only method of achieving meaningful insight into the conundrum that is life.

Recognise the ghost, the UFO, or whichever anomaly appears before you and feel gratitude for both this event and the inner transformation it implies. Then continue the spiritual journey to that inner place where signs eventually lose their meaning and where we eventually look in and see the vast universe that has always existed. The stars that we thought so distant can be reached as long as we let go of the bars that define our inner earthly prison.

11 February, 2012

Ley line corks... a theory

All the world's a stage. And here is a familiar prop.

Standing at 50 cm height and 1.5m square, these metallic boxes ('energy packets') are a ley line or telluric current 'sink' or 'trap' which reduces tension (geopathic tension) along certain tectonic plates, which are directly affected by acoustic-gravity waves.

Also known as a Bloch Wall, these boxes are placed in areas with magnetic-vortex-gravity anomalies, which have been detected (by both NASA and ETs) well in advance of what has been reported in mainstream media. When placed over geographical areas where there is a predicted magnetic anomaly about to occur, these boxes have the effect of minimising sudden electromagnetic burst and relieving tectonic instability. Look forward to seeing more of these as the 'Big Fluff' (flux transfer event) makes its way into our solar system later this year (2012).

How do they work? A simple corollary is the use of wine corks in elderly people suffering from muscle cramping. Although corks can reduce the intensity and severity of muscle cramps, they are ineffective when a cramp has already started. Corks act as a sink for electromagnetic energy released by a muscle spasm. In a similar way, Bray's Boxes (named after Bray's Point, Oregon, when one was recently reported) are dumped along ley lines where a predicted quake is likely to occur and acts to absorb the energy that is being released by the crust prior to an earthquake. Because of their inherent ability to absorb any excessive telluric current, they can literally be 'dumped' in the general region of a peak energy storm and the desired effect is produced. Over time, the absorbed energy is dissipated back into the surrounding air (as musical notes or screeches, meowing, etc) and soil (as heat).

As shown in the picture on left, the earth's magnetic fields connect via the flux-transfer event directly via a portal with the sun's magnetic fields. These portals are intimate with the upgrading of space-time, from 3-D to 4-D; simply put, the physics behind Ascension.

It is hypothesised that these ley line corks have been used throughout antiquity for minimising massive tectonic upheavals. The emanation of sounds or 'frequency auras' are a result of auditory leaking or dissemination of geodetic energy in a non-lethal manner. They are considered harmless when approached.

The ley line boxes will no doubt continue to appear while the earth's ley lines dramatically realign and release the residual negative energy during the next few years. As well, further global noise will emanate from these ley lines until the earth has completed her terraforming shift into the fourth dimensional domain.

Some fear that these ley line boxes may be a sinister part of the Alpha-Draconian crystalline grid system, which uses key crystals or geomagnetic stones as a portal induction, but it is obvious that these inanimate non-cystalline boxes merely absorb earth's energy rather than enhance it. As to who is scattering these boxes about our beaches depends on who is more interested in maintaining the earth's tectonic stability. If their use is malevolent, it would be theorised that some will begin to appear around Washington D.C. in an attempt to alleviate geomagnetic energies arising in that area. At present, I would hypothesise that benevolent ETs are responsible, and that as more energy is released over the next 12 months, these boxes will begin to appear in Australia, England, Germany and along the Gulf of Hormuz.

Time will eventually show the hand that pays the actors. And remember, the fat lady sings all the way to the last line of the song. Don't expect the illuminati to be any different. There'll be no defeat of the black nights by white knights. It's supposed to be a tragicomedy.

The final move is taken, the curtain falls, then all exit left.

10 February, 2012

The Andromedan predictions

Alex Collier dictated the following predictions made by the Andromeda Council, reported by The Andromedan Compendium:

1. Scientific proof of dimensions and higher self consciousness is going to occur.

2. Reincarnation will be scientifically proven and demonstrated. Now when this happens, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't mean you run to Hinduism and Buddhism and say, "this is the way, this is the way." That's not what it means.

3. Acknowledgement of life elsewhere in the universe. They are already starting to set you up for that.

4. We will have extraterrestrial contact with at least nine different races. If you don't think that is going to freak out the preachers, just watch. I want to hear what Billy Graham has to say about that.

5. Introduction of clean, free energy devices based on magnetic fields. This technology has already been developed. What they are saying that it is going to be introduced and be out there.

6. Knowledge that the earth is hollow and capable of sustaining life within, and knowledge of a city called Kalnigor that was originally built by Lyrans. Those are our human forefathers in the galaxy.

7. Knowledge of the lost lands of Atlantis. This has already occurred. It is off the coast of Portugal, but they have done a great job of keeping it hidden.

8. Discovery of a large temple complex in the Pacific, 150 miles southeast of Easter Island, that belonged to Lemuria. Morenae said the Russians already know its there.

9. The knowledge that what we see in the physical is a holographic imprint created and directed from a higher portion of ourselves. Now, if that's true, that means we've got nobody to blame. It means that responsibility rests right on your shoulders. And, you've got to own it, because you can't dump it off on someone else. Stop being a victim, because you're only in denial that you created the situation. If you created it, then you can un-create it, but you have to take responsibility and be clear on your intent.

10. Knowledge that human consciousness is not in the brain, but is located entirely in the energy fields that surrounds the body. That's who you are. You are not the body.

11. We shall have the realization on how our past and present educational processes have not prepared us to be creative, conscious thinkers.

12. That organic life exists on seven planets and fifteen moons in our solar system. Now, ladies and gentlemen, NASA wants to talk about microorganisms that they found on some rock they think came from Mars. You want to find life in this solar system? Get together and tell NASA to send a probe to Uranus. There is plant and animal life. I swear to you that it's there. As we speak. That's why they stay so far away from it. Their attitude is "pay the bill and shut up."

13. The general discovery that each of us is a part of the whole, and that we are a significant part of the idea of what we call "God", and that "God" is the idea called love.

14. That this accelerated self-discovery being experienced was created and activated by all of us.

15. That we, as a product of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, are possessors of a vast gene pool consisting of many different racial memory banks, also consisting of at least 22 different races. Because of our genetic heritage, and because we are spirit, the benevolent extraterrestrial races actually view us as being royalty. Now, that has to be the best-kept secret in the solar system. At least on this planet, anyway. They actually consider us royalty - all of us.

09 February, 2012

Our finest hour...

It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways

John Lear recently released a video which asked 'Would you disclose to the general public if you knew this?'

If you knew the truth, the whole truth about aliens based on verifiable proof (videos, stills, physical items, etc), and had the backing of mainstream media, would you be ready to disclose all you knew? Would you, knowing that you would face public and government ridicule, intimidation and even physical harm, not to mention the blowback of public chaos?

If you really could get the media to listen, and lay out all the facts, warts and leprosy all, then I suspect that what would happen to you is this: In the middle of the night, someone would call you anonymously and remark, 'You're a dead man.'

And when the phone went dead a moment later, that unmistakable threatening voice and unambiguous words would reverberate through your mind like a freight train. Unless you're Arnold Schwarzenegger, within minutes, you would break out into a sweat, and lay trembling in fear, sleepless for the remainder of the night, knowing that a 'sleeper' agent had you on a hit list for revealing Top Secret information; an act of treason against the very country you have always loved and been loyal to and which now had betrayed you.

Let us be open about this. Numerous world governments have negotiated 'peace deals' with aliens, and all of humanity (not just the governments, but the politicians, the military; everyone of us) have been conned. For sure, corruption is rife in society, but the evil ones are not those suppressing the truth. The evil ones (if there are such creatures) are those that prey upon humanity's weaknesses.

As a human, I ask myself this very simple question... 'Would I, standing before an alien who is requesting an audience with me on behalf of a nation, accept an offer of technology in exchange for using some of my countries resources (not knowing the implication also meant human resources)? Would I make a decision similar to the one made by Eisenhower in '54? Would I discuss the issue with the general public and have a referendum, saying 'I'll get back to you with a decision on that?' knowing that the aliens are dangling a carrot (advanced technology) before me that they could easily give to an enemy? I am not the first to ask these questions.

Before I answer this, remember a salient truth. An alien would not approach a spiritual leader but a secular one. An alien would not have made the same offer of technology to the Dalai Lama. Such a public figurehead would have no need for bribery and would probably dismiss the offer or else discuss the matter for a long time before giving a response, more than likely in the negative. Only a secular leader would have the desire to look with financial and political eyes the pros and cons of a deal. And as with any political leader, an executive decision is made often without the express approval of congress. A secular political leader's modus operandi is the betterment of his/her nation's wealth, security and liberty. In retrospect, we should have, as earth's guardians, been more prudent and open in our decision making, but we were not cognizant of the full ramifications of what appeared to be a simple and straight-forward deal. The only secrecy was in the alien's intentions, not in ours. By the time we realised collectively that we had been duped, national security issues had been compromised. Humans had become chattels to an alien agenda. Non-disclosure was paramount, not only for preserving social morale but also for avoiding an escalation of interspecies war with an alien race of superior military technology (that an interspecies war has been extant even to this day is another story altogether). Thus, Disclosure would not only have impacted severely on national cohesion (leading to unrest, scaremongering and chaos), it would have also weakened our political and military defence against the said aliens.

For better or worse, humanity made a bad deal in the past. We had, quite frankly, been used. And now, we are on a treadmill; going nowhere fast, doomed to eventually tire and be flung from the machines of history.

As Francis Bacon remarked, 'usury dulls and damps all industries, improvements, and new inventions, wherein money would be stirring if not for this slug.' We all have known a friend who has used us for our skills, thrills, love or limelight. What can we do with such 'friends' but endure them until they eventually see the light and leave off, like a barnacle that has grown weary of the hull. The wise know well to avoid intimacy with worthless men, but we lack such wisdom. This is our curse as well as benediction.

I disagree that all is doom and gloom and that such deals cannot be rescinded. However, the longer we abide by dishonourable arrangements, the greater is the discord when it is time to annul the said arrangement. I take for example a bad marriage that must be ended. Do we walk out, go to court, fight over the children. How much baggage will we the victim's of a rife marriage and messy divorce carry before we say 'enough!'.

I live in optimism that one day, we will look back at the last century as the hardest fought spiritual war of all times, the Great Spiritual War to end all wars. And like divorce, though it is never wanted, it is a journey that draws a line in the spiritual sand, a boundary where we say, 'no further will I transgress.'

Yes, we have shed blood, toil, tears and sweat. We will fight for this line; on the beaches, on the streets. We will ride out the storm of war and outlive the menace of tyranny. We will never give up. We will never say die.

08 February, 2012

Dialling the placebo channel

Claude Bernard once remarked that 'What we do know is the greatest hindrance to our learning about what we don't know.' This is as true regarding spiritual pursuits as if it scientific ones.

I cannot list the times, where full of alternative, conspired theories, I leaped onto an alternative or radical 'out there' medicine to treat a disease, only to face the scorn of my peers in trialing yet another new fad, unregistered or in some countries illegal drug, only to find that this 'wonder drug' was as my skeptics predicted, an unmitigated failure.

'No wonder it didn't work!' they would say to me. 'Where's the data? Where's the science?'

I'd feel embarassed returning to my textbooks and evidence-based medicine, using drugs that repeatably showed efficacy, unlike those homeopathic and herbal drugs that embaraased both myself and my clients and often did nothing or were just a placebo.

Spiritualists have long lamented the myopic view of scientists and their historical blindspot of avoiding medicine holistically. Without negating or supporting the dogma of science, I can say that medicine has its place and as long as statistical models of assessing therapy is incorporated into the meme that is science, evidence-based medicine will continue to push medical boundaries and develop novel methods of treating the ails of humanity.

Some years ago, I was an enthusiast of the Amygdalin therapy espoused by doctors in South America. After trialling it a number of times on animal patients, I came away convinced that this medicine was unsuitable for advanced cases of cancer, regardless of what the drug purported to do for other practitioners.

Holistic medicine, which attempts to look at the human and animal models as a synthesis of mind and body, will continue to treat problems in holistic ways that attempt to address a deeper underlying cause of disease. But spiritualists can be as much victims of their own viewpoint as medical practitioners. To ignore the results of experiments is to deny the reality of a problem. In my own practise, if something doesn't work, then either it is a worthless modality or else I am using it improperly.

As a spiritualist, we must be prepared to experiment on ourselves, but if we find that what we are trying isn't working, we must be prepared to admit the experiment a failure and continue on our search for more effective and realistic spiritual approach. As Steve Beckow recently remarked, 'I am personally learning to operate with a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance within me. I'm learning to accept circumstances provisionally, go with the highest, hold paradox in my mind peacefully and let go of whatever proves untenable without blame or rancour.'

Throughout history, saints have burnt the midnight oil, churned the moil and sweated the toil of spiritual work solely in the pursuit of liberation. They have fallen, gathered the fragmented remains and continued with their journey to finally arrive at the inescapable truth that 'veiled by ignorance the mind and Buddha appear to be different yet in the realm of mind essence they sometimes meet.' But this is never easy for the acolytes. We yearn for the taste of Ascension but often self-destruct through trying too hard. We struggle with simple issues that a greater person would allow to pass through them.

Poofness, inimitable as ever, remarked that if we understood molecular activity, we'd understand how easy it would be to change a nuke into a loaf of bread.

Still more work to be done...

Soldiers of the awakening

'We are the soldiers of the awakening
Our message is light and sound
We have no master, we follow no leader
Yet we are all at the head of our cause
Our mission is ascension from misery
Our promise is enlightenment
Our past is timeless, our future is present
We are keepers of evernow
We demand nothing, for we need nothing
We abhor violence, detest ignorance,
Advise radiance, enable convergence,
We think without brains, speak without tongues,
Move without bodies, and love without hearts
We are spirit without boundary
Light without fear
Sight without perception
Truth beyond doubt
We are pitch, volume, sparkle & brilliance,
Shining melody, harmonious vision
Attainment, atonement, attunement, our testaments
Unity in diversity
The reflecting pool of eternity
Infinite fraternity

(C) Dachel, from Letters from Andromeda

07 February, 2012

The virtuous victorious

In her book, High Strangeness, Laura Knight-Jadcyk prefaces Gurdjieff's famous tale about the Evil Magician as a syllogism for spiritual hypnotism under the Alpha-Draconian overlords. In this particularly dark and at times bleak book, the author has given a realistic appraisal of both present-day spirituality and the war against humanity's spiritual Ascension. Were it not for the recent positive news by the likes of Alex Collier and Tolec, there would be little to aspire a spiritual warrior toward continuing the process of grounding the cosmic energies which are inducing the shift from 3-D to 4-D life.

As Voltaire once remarked, 'Humanly speaking, let us define truth, while waiting for a better definition, as a statement of facts as they are.' It behooves any spiritual worker to accept the truth that 'bringing in the light' and the accessory use of candles, crystals and mantras are ineffective at dealing with the realities of the dark energies of the universe. Rather than looking up for Ascension, it would be better to look in, and face the daily challenges head-on if we wish to anchor ourselves in present reality rather than being hypnotised by some far-off spiritual goal. Denying that there is a dark side, not only in ourselves but in the universe reflected outside ourselves, only serves to enhances the negative aspect of the universe and empower the forces that wish to subvert our ascension into dominance. Denial only leads to subservience to the pre-existing rule by Alpha-Draconianism, militarism, tyranny and slavery.

As Knight-Jadcyk remarks in her book, 'The ability to deny is an amazing human phenomenon... a product of sheer complexity of our emotional, linguistic, moral and intellectual lives.'

The Evil Magician:
A very rich magician had a great many sheep. But at the same time, this magician was very mean. He did not want to hire shepherds, nor did he want to erect a fence about the pasture where his sheep were grazing. The sheep consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines, and so on, and above all they ran way, for they knew that the magician wanted their flesh and skins and this they did not like.

At last the magician found a remedy. He hypnotised his sheep and suggested to them first of all that they were immortal and that no harm was being done to them when they were skinned. On the contrary, it would be very good for them and even pleasant. Secondly, he suggested that the magician was a good master who loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world for them. In the third place, he suggested to them that if anything at all were going to happen to them that it was not going to happen just then, at any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about it. Further, the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all; to some of them he suggested that they were lions, to others that they were eagles, to others that they were men, and to others that they were magicians.

After this all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again but quietly awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins.

Alex Collier gives us hope in this midst of these uncharted and worrying times, this darkness that pre-empts the dawning of Ascension. In this present time, when the virtuous soul is nearly always harassed or tormented for speaking up against tyranny, the dream or drama ends with the virtuous achieving victory. The final battle is not with those things outside of ourselves, but with the reluctant shadows of fear, lack of self-love and ignorance.

05 February, 2012

The promised land

Alpha-Draconian male warrior
Before I give you the good news, here is where we are at, my dear friends. We've been living a sort of Groundhog Day re-run for the last century. As quick as we improve things, the damned Alpha-Draconians, go back in historical time and rewrite our good works. It's been a case of two steps forward and one step back. They say that time has been speeding up, but I'd argue that it's just going nowhere fast.

The picture that I am about to paint is not a pretty one, but as close to the truth as I can perceive it. So many people in the light industry have become blasé about their perceived powers at forcing issues surrounding Disclosure. Unfortunately, this is pre-empting the work of so many others who patiently await the proper time to reveal the truth in all its legal, scientific, spiritual and technological glory. As I see it, the convergent timeline around 21-12-2012 invokes two possible outcomes, neither of which is guaranteed. Certainly Ascension is inevitable, but how that ascension appears on the daily stage is uncertain. Please do not confuse Ascension with becoming an Ascended Master - they are nothing to do with each other.

Scenario 1). Post-ascension, we would be as trapped in the domain of a service-to-self (STS) 4-D existence, where we would ascend to a higher dimension, but still be within the control of the Illuminati, and their comptrollers, the Alpha-Draconians. We would see our life spans growing ever shorter, until it reached a length of 15-20 years, as predicted in the Buddhist canons. We would be enslaved by a kleptocracy, under the tyranny of a New World Order. Things would be grim for 99% of humanity, being used as spiritual, sexual and physical food for our rulers. Essentially, we would be living in a thousand-year-Reich, where Hitler was just a trial run by the Alpha-Draconian.

Scenario 2). The alternate scenario is a liberation, by ourselves, over the next 20 years into a service-to-others (STO) 4-D reality, free of financial, physical and emotional struggles associated with debt slavery. Life would be infinitely freer, allowing us to focus on education, equality and the pursuit of true knowledge and wisdom.

Where we go from here is up to each and every soul upon this planet. Which scenario eventuates is not in the hands of anyone except ourselves, we the chosen light-workers who slave to awaken the sleeping masses. Ascension is not about liberation from STS masters but the uplifting of the earth and everything upon her into 4-D. Nor is Ascension about elimination of karma, which still plays a pivotal role up to the seventh dimension. You carry your karma into 4-D as equally as the Alpha-Draconian have been carrying theirs around for so long and will do, with interest, for the next 20 eons for what they have done to us. What Ascension is, in essence, is simply a shift into a higher frequency. Now it is important to recall that the rulers of this planet, the Alpha-Draconian, are already 4-D! During Ascension, we are raising our molecular vibrations to their level. In effect, raising our sorry selves from debt and emotional slaves to potentially equal rulers of the planet. What the 'war for our minds' is presently about is who will rule at the end of the Ascension process - us or them, STS or STO? If we win, the Alpha-Draconian will be in plain sight, our fear of the unknown manipulator would evaporate and their ruse permanently foiled. In essence, we would have pulled the curtain back to reveal the true architect of our planet's suffering.

It is essential to realise that Ascension must happen before Disclosure, not the other way around. Why is this so? An inconvenient truth is that homo sapiens are not the indigenous race of this plant. I know this is not a palatable thought. But unfortunately, like the Aborigines of Australia and Native Americans, the Alpha-Draconians had sovereignty over earth long before our species was hybridised by them and others who followed. In galactic parlance, the Alpha-Draconian legally own the earth. Therefore, the only legal method of renouncing their ownership of the earth is when it is no longer existing, i.e. no longer a 3-D planet. If the earth was to transmute into a 4-D planet (which is happening at present), it is no longer the same entity and therefore property rules are invalid, at least from a galactic point of view. What this means, by way of example, is if someone bought a block of land, it is the rightful ownership of the purchaser, If however, the country was subjugated by a massive earthquake and this block of land was uplifted and now resided in another state, the land must be considered terra nullius. Therefore, while the earth remains the property of the Alpha-Draconian, they have every right to withhold Disclosure by galactic law. To force their hand at Disclosure is actually illegal, as much as this saddens myself and every other light-worker both within and without the planet.

So what is the good news, you ask? Quite simply, knowledge of the truth will set you free. Knowing who you are and where you stand spiritually is tantamount to liberating your private parcel of land. If enough of us stand in our truth as true spiritual warriors, there is nowhere left for the Alpha-Draconian to have a foothold. They will leave. End of story.

Where we go from there is another story, but with a happy ending to be sure. In the meantime, take comfort in the fact that while we are 'stuck' here, so to speak, the longest part of a prison sentence is the last few weeks...

And while we wait, remember that vigilance is an important state of mind. As Fr Lou Siffer astutely noted, 'When analyzing the motives of these alien races, we must remember to judge their activities based on whether they are supportive of our individual rights and our quest for life, liberty, and happiness, or whether they desire to enlist us in their quest for oneness. We cannot allow the glitter of membership in the Intergalactic Federation to distract us from our own best interest. Objectivism must be our standard. Altruism and sacrifice must not replace rational self-interest. Repeatedly, the lure of ONENESS is used by tyrants to stifle the questions of the rational few. It is for this same reason that the Bible commands us not to question God. The common theme of the "spiritually concerned" aliens is this loss of individuality and reasoning.'

03 February, 2012

Shadows to the unseen magician

Yesterday upon the stair
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
Oh, how I wish he’d go away
(William Hughes Mearns, 1899)

Not a moment goes by when every single one of the Guardian's children does not look upon the skies with an ardent view to seeing what is not there.

We, the advocates of Ascension, hope for what is logically impossible but highly probable. There are times of elation and anticipation mixed with fear-based logic and a dumming down by the Hegemony who have stolen our birth-right to express our free will.

As Shakespeare once lamented, 'My grief lies all within, and these external manners of lament are merely shadows to the unseen grief that swells within silence in the tortured soul.' The grief the Bard spoke of was essentially existential, a malady most common in contemporary society that has become lost in the maze of civilised distraction. Guirdijeff once wrote in The Tale of the Evil Magician about a magician who hypnotised his sheep to not flee because they were the Chosen ones, fleecing and feeding from them while they basked in the glory of an expectant 'heaven' beyond the verdant dales of their home.

We need to wake up. Not through emotions such as love (for this is ephemeral), or experience (for this is biased) but through the knowledge of truth. Embracing the darkness of our own soul, our enemies, our neighbours. Those things we objectify as 'other', that we have judged, condemned, disenfranchised, disempowered. These are not what we judge them to be. These are in fact the stimuli to conscious awakening. In knowing self and thus others, we force our consciousness beyond the hypnosis, beyond the 'sheeple' that we are, beyond the ignorance that has kept us imprisoned. What do we do? How do we approach Ascension? By simply discovering the God within. There should be no shrines or temples but nature; the earth, the oceans, the night sky - these are where we worship that which is within.

We are all rough diamonds, with our feet in the mud and heads in the clouds, sages untutored, wizards unschooled. When we have seen the Disclosure within and embraced the Ascension in every atom of our being, we will realise that we have been, all along, the very God we worshipped for so long; this is the truth that sets us free.

02 February, 2012

Not about Cassandra...

Alfred Webre, JD, MEd, is an author, member of the District of Columbia bar and one of the founding father of Exopolitics.

He chronicles via his website as a primary investigator and interviewer, about all things non-terrestrial, with scientists, theoreticians and whistleblowers, and has shown incredible insight into the emerging field of extraterrestrial-social disclosure - or simply, Disclosure. Although his proponents blog constantly about his outlandish theories, time has been his ally. Over years of reporting on the emerging field of exopolitical law, his prescience at being pre-emptive at what is being said in the field of channelling, whistleblowing and scientific reports has grow significantly.

What appears to be imminent on earth over the next few yeas (perhaps earlier) is disclosure in its fullest sense - i.e. the discussion by laypersons about face-to-face meetings with non-terrestrial humanoids in a civilised and non-interventionist, non-confrontational manner. There is no doubt in this author's mind that with disclosure must come a new method of sustaining sovereignty of earth's and humanity's legal rights to guardianship of the planet earth over the requests of any non-terrestrial visitor. This does not exclude collaborative agreements with non-terrestrial in sharing earth's resources as discussed in the guiding rules of engagement. Cogent with this is the need to explain historical infringements against humanity in terms of abductions, torture, non-disclosure of government dealings, and secret technologies. Commensurate with this must be an effective amnesty to allow some measure of 'moving forward' into a peaceful and non-vengeful arena of the politics of 'Sorry' as is seen with the recent political movements of indigenous Australians.

Webre, with his persistent need to corroborate numerous evidential sources before promulgating a 'theory', illustrates his legal skill in collaborating sometimes conflicting and arbitrary sources. Alfred Webre's report of malevolent ETs interfacing with humans and allies (benevolent ETs) at the galactic level have been expounded elsewhere ad nauseum. He does, however, sail close to the wind, taking on large political issues such as his reports of the current USA president's extraterrestrial travels and 9/11 false-flag operations with the bravado of a well-hung bull.

Originally dismissed as another Cassandra, (referring to the ancient Greek psychic, Cassandra, who was scorned for circulating Athens with her predictions of the city's demise, which was ultimately true), and dismissed by mainstream media and alternative media bloggers as someone suffering the effects of CIA-based mind control, Webre is becoming more palatable as a legitimate investigator and one who will no doubt remain as a proponent of all things bizarre, painful but ultimately illuminating. As a messenger of truth, we should congratulate his courage, as well as others in his arena, who suffer the slings and arrows of exterrestrial misfortune in order to declare the way of truth.

Like all of us with an extraterrestrial interest, faith is what buoys us until that day when realities merges with beliefs. There is another term for this - religion. This however, should never be a problem, as Disclosure, is, if nothing else, the most anti-religious contemporary notion. In this author's experience, extraterrestrials, at least benevolent ones, are not anti-spiritual, just anti-establishment in its ultimate form.

01 February, 2012

Empathy versus sympathy

A dear friend recently asked me what was the difference between empathy and sympathy. I was at work at the time and desperate to make the explanation as brief as possible, I walked to the kitchenette, where a toaster was working. I put my hand near the toaster.

'I can feel the heat. This is what empathy is about.'

I then touched the toaster and pulled back a second later as the pain registered on my finger.

'This is hot - don't touch! This is what sympathy is about.'

Sympathy is engaging with another's emotional field, and pulling away or getting involved in the embroglio of their dramas. We become affected by what they are feeling and take on their pain to the extent that we too become affected. Empathy is recognising another's feeling but remaining separate enough as to be able to effectively deal with their issues in a compassionate and effective way without becoming a victim of their emotions. It is a tightrope to walk, between empathy and sympathy, but for fear of getting burns every time someone has some personal drama, it is better to keep one's distance.
Sympathy says...
Joe: I just got fired today
Jill: Wow, that sucks. You'll be okay. I got fired a few years ago and...
Joe: But you're not listening!

Empathy says...
Joe: I just got fired today
Jill; Wow, that sucks. You must feel awful.
Recognise their pain, but don't deflect or defuse the situation or get embroiled in the flames of their emotions. And finally, never give advice unless you are asked. It usually only appears after they have finally vented their emotions, and only rarely then.

Sooner or later people have to learn for themselves not to touch toasters when they are working, but in slower learners you have to point to the toaster as the cause.

Fortunately my friend was kind enough to offer a running tap for my burnt finger.

Morgellons - all in your mind?

Characteristic appearance of shed skin. Courtesy of IntelHub
A novel bioengineered RFID microchip, the nanochip biomarker, which purportedly causes Morgellons disease, has recently been put to rest, according to the CDC.

In their latest report, the CDC concluded that Morgellons is a non-infectious disease caused by delusional infestations, a psychological parasitism of sorts, and that normal clothing fibres are present in tissue samples in patients. Why they can exist subcutaneously in patients suggests that sufferers may be inadvertently rubbing these fibres into the skin, despite pathological experience suggesting that foreign bodies such as cotton and fibres do not migrate in the normal manner that other foreign bodies such as thistles, grass seeds and thorns do, and normally produce extensive cellulitis during the migratory phase..

Morgellons sufferers are mostly white, middle-aged women, more than half of whom reported they were in poor health, the study showed. About 70 percent of the victims also suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and more than 60 percent reported ongoing bodily aches and pains. About 60 percent showed problems with cognitive functioning. About half had evidence of drugs in their system, including drugs to control pain, and nearly 80 percent reported exposure to solvents, the study showed. About 40 percent had skin lesions or abrasions that appeared to be caused by self-inflicted rubbing or scraping, researchers foundNo disease clusters were noted within 13 counties of Northern California. 

When shed skin samples were placed under heat, a blue polymer fibre remained, suggesting to one patient, that these may be nanodevices have been covertly implanted into victims. Nanodevices are ubiquitous in modern technology and it is not inconceivable that as yet undefined devices are being unwittingly used on the unsuspecting general public, such as chemtrails. Conspiracy theorists argue that chemtrails are the cause, due to the frequency of chemtrails sighted over California. These dust-like particles can be easily spread into the upper atmosphere, leading to attachment to skin.

Skin lesions on affected patient

Holistic treatment involves alkalinising the blood, primarily through eating a low meat diet and primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemented with vitamins. Some patients with these symptoms have been diagnosed with eczema, lupus, allergies and self-trauma, and although may respond to conventional therapy such as corticosteroids, is not a cure.

Has the CDC failed to investigate this further, or is there a reason this disease is being dismissed as yet another mad conspiracy theory? Who could ever prove that nanotechnology was instigated by mad scientists intent on genetically altering humanity or monitoring our whereabouts?

Don't lose hope. Word is that soon all these maladies will be resolved through Ascension. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, 'Nothing gives a person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.'