01 February, 2012

Morgellons - all in your mind?

Characteristic appearance of shed skin. Courtesy of IntelHub
A novel bioengineered RFID microchip, the nanochip biomarker, which purportedly causes Morgellons disease, has recently been put to rest, according to the CDC.

In their latest report, the CDC concluded that Morgellons is a non-infectious disease caused by delusional infestations, a psychological parasitism of sorts, and that normal clothing fibres are present in tissue samples in patients. Why they can exist subcutaneously in patients suggests that sufferers may be inadvertently rubbing these fibres into the skin, despite pathological experience suggesting that foreign bodies such as cotton and fibres do not migrate in the normal manner that other foreign bodies such as thistles, grass seeds and thorns do, and normally produce extensive cellulitis during the migratory phase..

Morgellons sufferers are mostly white, middle-aged women, more than half of whom reported they were in poor health, the study showed. About 70 percent of the victims also suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and more than 60 percent reported ongoing bodily aches and pains. About 60 percent showed problems with cognitive functioning. About half had evidence of drugs in their system, including drugs to control pain, and nearly 80 percent reported exposure to solvents, the study showed. About 40 percent had skin lesions or abrasions that appeared to be caused by self-inflicted rubbing or scraping, researchers foundNo disease clusters were noted within 13 counties of Northern California. 

When shed skin samples were placed under heat, a blue polymer fibre remained, suggesting to one patient, that these may be nanodevices have been covertly implanted into victims. Nanodevices are ubiquitous in modern technology and it is not inconceivable that as yet undefined devices are being unwittingly used on the unsuspecting general public, such as chemtrails. Conspiracy theorists argue that chemtrails are the cause, due to the frequency of chemtrails sighted over California. These dust-like particles can be easily spread into the upper atmosphere, leading to attachment to skin.

Skin lesions on affected patient

Holistic treatment involves alkalinising the blood, primarily through eating a low meat diet and primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemented with vitamins. Some patients with these symptoms have been diagnosed with eczema, lupus, allergies and self-trauma, and although may respond to conventional therapy such as corticosteroids, is not a cure.

Has the CDC failed to investigate this further, or is there a reason this disease is being dismissed as yet another mad conspiracy theory? Who could ever prove that nanotechnology was instigated by mad scientists intent on genetically altering humanity or monitoring our whereabouts?

Don't lose hope. Word is that soon all these maladies will be resolved through Ascension. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, 'Nothing gives a person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.'