18 February, 2012

The UFO within

Hands up all those who have seen one of these (picture left; a ghost). Keep holding up your hands those who have seen or experienced directly a UFO, angel or any other anomalous experience.

Those who have not raised their hands are the sceptics. Those who have their hands raised are the romantics. The sceptics are left-brain rationalists, the romantics the right-brained artists.

Do anomalous experiences exist in reality? I posit that they occur in the eyes and mind of those who wish to see them. That does not imply that they are a figment of the right-brained imagination, but rather that believing is seeing. This is a well-recognised phenomenon, that the universe projects onto the mind whatever the mind wants to see. What we see is largely dependent on the conditioning experiences we have experienced from birth; i.e. the imprints that have been encoded into our consciousness. As we think, so we are. The above photo was taken from Wikipedia, which has a lengthy explanation of what ghosts are, how they have been reported since the first recorded experience of them thousands of years ago and how they have persisted in modern times. Wikipedia, generally speaking, does not believe they exist as there is no scientific proof to verify their presence in the physical universe. In other words, the lengthy treatise of ghosts is merely to explain what they are, despite them not being a true, rational and empirical phenomenon. Welcome to the paradox of logic. What cannot exist has been reported ad nauseum, but truly sane and logical people do not believe them.

There is an interesting interview by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot with James of the WingMakers, who discusses how everything that is projected outside of the mind is in fact a holographic construction to entrap the mind. Put simply, every mental pursuit for betterment of self is inevitably fraught with failure because the mind is in itself a limited tool incapable of perceiving that which created it. Many saints in Christian, Islamic and Buddhist faiths discuss the need to empty the mind of constant chatter by prolonged mindfulness that focusses entirely on the breath of life; in essence, if we are not on our breath, we are in our mind. It implies that while seeing a ghost or ufo assumes a certain level of mental acuity and rapprochement with the 'unseen', it can be a pitfall into become a zealot. We become addicted to seeing more ghosts or UFOs or other anomalous events, rather than understanding that they are signposts along a spiritual journey within. In pursuing further rendezvous with other ghosts of UFOs, we are fixating on the signpost rather than its symbolic meaning - a signpost to further spiritual experiences. It is a universal message of saints that becoming one with the inner extraterrestrials is the only method of achieving meaningful insight into the conundrum that is life.

Recognise the ghost, the UFO, or whichever anomaly appears before you and feel gratitude for both this event and the inner transformation it implies. Then continue the spiritual journey to that inner place where signs eventually lose their meaning and where we eventually look in and see the vast universe that has always existed. The stars that we thought so distant can be reached as long as we let go of the bars that define our inner earthly prison.