21 February, 2012

Unity of consciousness

I had an intensely vivid dream a few nights ago, a dream where I stood before a man whose shoulders were on fire. He held in his hand a sign which said, quite simply, 'U.O.C'.

At first I thought I was looking into the eyes of the devil before a study of dream images online made me understand that my subconscious was making me face personal issues of unregulated sexual desire. This is an issue many men are faced with, either consciously or unconsciously; the need to balance the creative energy expressed through the base chakra so that it flows in positive and generative ways that does not conflict with the sovereignty of the opposite sex. This dream is not about becoming celibate, but clearing consciousness of unnecessary clutter; lewd thoughts, fantasies, past romantic regrets, etc. Coincidentally, I was also seeking to buy a good lawnmower in this dream, a valid semiotic inference about balancing negative and positive energies.

In these times of heightened emotional awareness, creativity has risen to the fore, manifesting as increased kundalini energy which seeks to liberate consciousness from duality based to unity based. The pursuit of unity consciousness is foremost based on a parallel rise in earth-energies as the solar system experiences the waves of energy that have reached it from the galactic core.

Manipulation, deception and subterfuge are methods which the 'fire' burns other people. Self-destruction is its end-point when these energies run out of fuel and begin to consume itself.

The burning man has been iconic since the dawn of humanity and represents not only individual emotional attachment issues but collective ones as well. Fire is a spirituality transformative energy. The Celtics use the fire motif as a concept of enlightenment that striked a balance between male/female or physical/ethereal in order to reach the total unification of polarities. In Buddhism, the energy of Maitreya, the future Buddha, is compared to fire. It is a universal symbol for transformation at its very essence and transmutation into a new state.

What such dreams portends for individual spiritual devotees is dependent upon their individual interpretations but I suspect much of what we dream of late is not only personal but of global implication as well.