31 March, 2012

The age of treason

I awoke quite recently from a vivid dream, which seem to be more frequent the more I dismiss them. What dreams may come, that flow more like a river of late  than a tap. For this blogger from down-under, my important dreams are axiomatic: I always awake at precisely 3:09 am from lucid dreams, with my heart is usually racing. I feel as if I am still vibrating from an electrical shock.

In this particular recent dream three days ago, I saw Barack Obama's presidential car driving over a precipice. He was supposedly meant to die but a body double was in the car and he survived. It was almost like he had insider info that this attempt on his life was going to happen, and he did not stop it, in order to confirm his suspicion about who had planned them. This scene was pivotal, because it affirmed to the President that the time had come to put an end to the duplicity of trying to appease both his financial backers and the people he was employed to serve. To put this in my own words, he had reached the age of treason, where he saw that doing nothing, or appeasing the enemies of peace was no longer tolerable. It was bad enough they threatened his daughter while she was vacationing in Mexico (the Mexico quake was a deliberate threat by the Illuminati). It was a crossing of the rubicon when he finally put paid to a war on Iran, recently reported by PrisonPlanet's Alex Jones.

What this triggered in the President was a declaration of war against those treasonous elements of his own government and those who stood above and beyond the government. I saw him giving a speech where he declared that he had called for the mass arrest of a large number of known government and economic conspirators who had implemented a deliberate act of treason against the people of the United States. Mass arrests followed, and it allowed for a new economic solution to be enacted, one which eliminated excessive taxes and limited the profits and power of banks.

See below for a youtube interview between David Wilcocks and Drake, talking about a future Mass Arrest scenario

DutchSinse confirmation of man-made quake in Mexico.