24 March, 2012

Cashing in...

The greatest Ponzi scheme ever invented (and I'm not talking the Fed or Wall St) is organised religion. Far be it for me to detract from the greatest spiritual movements of humanity that the major religions have contributed toward the betterment of society (after all, I profess to be a devout Buddhist), but where religion fails is its belief in a hierarchical system from the top down; a pyramid scheme of contributing spiritual energy by those at the bottom and rising up to the top. The boss of the pyramid can allow us, through hard work and loyalty, rise a few steps up the ladder, and sometimes allow lower rung contributors to take cash-outs in the way of spiritual advice, forgiveness of sins, etc, but how ironic that every single spiritual master always proclaims the opposite, of a web matrix with no 'one' but 'everyone' at the centre. The masters have always intoned, that 'thou should not worship graven images', 'seek thou own salvation with diligence', or 'seek no other master but thyself'. Or to paraphrase Shakespeare, 'to thine own self be true.' Failing to monitor the power of those at the top can be disastrous.

Humanity has always been happy to defer responsibility away from self and place it into the hands of others. Like the workers in most franchises, we are 'all care, no responsibility.' We are obsessed with hierarchical structures; government, finance, military, economical institutions, universities, hospitals. Without hierarchy, our hive-like sense-of-self would lead us into a chaotic state of having to be self-reliant, self-industrious, self-examining. We would each become 'loose canons' or 'lone wolves'. Order would surely crumble. The world would fall apart. We would resort to a rabble, pray to our own gods, the civilised man would become uncivilised. Or would we?

Not one single spiritual master, not one, has not sojourned the 'dark night of the soul', where they have wandered and wondered alone in their search of meaning, only to finally reach their peak moment, and after assimilation of that grand experience, reunite with the flock of humanity to spread some good news. Far be it for me to disseminate social disunity, but the time has come for us to let go of fabric of society, let the cloth of mother nation slip between our fingers and be at one with ourselves. Discover who we are, and who we are becoming. Only then can we be the new humanity we yearn for.

The irony of this does not escape me as we evolve our financial institutions into a more horizontal barter/nesara style trade mechanism as is witnessed in Greece, and soon in Spain, Italy and eventually across Europe and the USA. When the fiat of money fails, so does the hierarchy of power. When the fiat of religion fails, so will the hierarchy of religion. We are witnessing this now. But it is not a doomsday scenario - instead, we will see a community-based spirituality eventually evolve, one where people will share their spiritual knowledge in a horizontal manner. No one person will have more spiritual power, knowledge, insight or wisdom over another. It will truly be a new earth, and the Ponzi Gods will crumble as surely as the bull of Wall Street will be retired upon the pastures of history.