31 March, 2012

Daylight slavings...

An hour was lost overnight that had been gained six months ago, for reasons we are told that minimise consumption of electricity. It is daylight slavings time. Benjamin Franklin first proposed the notion in 1874, a great man obsessed with libertarianism and electricity. Winston Churchill called it a great boon to the pursuit of health and happiness to those living in the British Isles. But it has been a bane of modern society that is far more complex than those scions of science who proposed it all in the halcyon years before we all suffered from the malady of military-industrial complex. Somethings never change, whereas others limp along like bad fashion, no matter how many people complain about it.

It is an excitement (infusion of confusion) to question 'do we go forward or back an hour?', only to realise the redundancy of inquiry, since modern modems (cars, clocks and other conveniences) automatically sync to changing time zone by an unknown mechanism of geosynchronous orbiting satelites. My iPhone picked up on the temporal change and I, not thought to be plugged directly into the internet awoke on schedule at 3:09 am in the new time zone! But this morning, my battered battery clock had to be manually changed. It is not synched with the modern internet, and therefore is one of the few modern devices that cannot keep abreast of the bosoming internet.

But in moving time changes, nothing really changes. My daughter could care less, as long as her dolls are where she left them, and there's hot water to splash around in once she has had breakfast. And the birds in the trees outside my lounge have no clocks except the biological sort, and they never need changing, for they are synched with the earth's geomagnetic forces.

I have one day a week when I am not officially working, but this day is rarely spent lazing around. There is the usual domestic duties to attend to, shopping, cleaning, housework, looking after my daughter while my wife gets a break from her routines. And then, if I am lucky, I can spend an hour reading the alternative news on the internet. The TV collects more and more dust these days. I am yet to actually see anything on the box that is worth watching. For a brief while, I was an ABC-24 fan, but even the ABC has no idea on 'what is really happening out there.' There has been no news about the GFC only ads for KFC, nothing on Iran-Israel pugilism just the latest WWC wrestling matches, nor the rise of pandemic Global Terrorism by world governments, only Lady Gaga's latest concert. I'd rather just sit out on the porch with my hot coffee and balmy ideals on why the trees never have complexes that aren't branches and understand why the air fills with birdsong regardless of traffic. The sky is a symphony of white fluff and pregnant with dawn mist. The stars are still awake, all-seeing truths to the fact that if humanity were to become extinct, the stars, trees and birds would care less. But the converse is not true. We have an overrated opinion of ourselves evolutionary-speaking.

We should invest more time in losing time. We are after all, specialists at killing time. It's a wonder it is not already an endangered species. But fear not, for we are all heading to a place of no-time, are we not? I have no doubt that in 20 years, we will all have rainbow auras. There is nothing to fear about the future except that it will be devoid of a past. Some people find the past hard to let go of, a baggage long-endearing to self-identity. But we have to check it in prior to our celestial flight.

So I declare we should have a day of timelessness, where no reference is made of the hour or how many minutes are spent in a day.  Where we are not slaves to the clock, but savers ad hoc of precious moments of timelessness.