21 March, 2012

Letter to mother...

Dear Mum,
Bob Dean said yesterday that the UFOs are neither benevolent or malevolent. Therefore I assume they are just like us. That would mean they aren't perfect, that they make decisions based on what little information they have at hand and balance it on the tightrope of their overwhelming emotional states. I hope they don't make decisions like I did yesterday when I had to euthanase a cat because it was so crippled with disease yet fought the needle to the very end. I felt sad, so did the owner. This is a daily struggle, a pro-choice aspect of what it means being a vet when there are many people who believe in pro-life; that all things have a right to life regardless of the 'quality of life'. But what happens when there is no quality, when there is just breathing and consciousness? Can we take away even those properties of life with a green liquid that we spill into their veins and call it a mercy killing? Do we deny life even the right to breathe and be alive? I cannot answer this uneasy question, for all things animate and inanimate have consciousness.

I have watched animals and people die of natural causes and I do not see anything painless in that way of dying. It is called natural, but the only difference between what I do and what nature does is a difference of time; one hastier than the other. What separates what I do from murder is a fine emotional point; i.e. intention. Every act of euthanasia is one of deliverance of a patient from interminable suffering. Every act of murder is done with an intention of liberating the murderer from the pain of his interminable suffering of fear. It's a shady business, and little wonder the world's states can ever agree on voluntary human euthanasia. I am sure that from an animal's perspective, most veterinarians could be perceived as the Gestapo. That is assuming that animals do not instinctively know that there is such a thing as mercy killing, or that they can see through the words and know the intentions behind those words. The guardians of this world have this ability, to see through our words, even actions, to the intentions behind them. Perhaps that is why they prefer to let us sort it out ourselves, intervening only when the greater intention is not in the betterment of humanity as a whole.

Which brings me to the purpose of this missive. Do you, Mother Earth, perform this mercy killing to us, your children? Could it be that your yawning and yawing in your celestial abode be a merciful act of intolerance for the endless suffering on your skin or in your bones? I do not know, but a part of me feels this may be so. We are all your children, and have inherited your pains and possibilities. You are our guardian, and sometimes our guide. Sometimes you chides us for our rebelliousness, and at other times encourage us with plentiful rain and rainbows and pleasant seasons. We snuggle your breast, drink deeply of your milk, and at times have poisoned the well that feeds us. We are soon to be weaned from your bosom, and unleashed onto a new galactic paradigm. Are we even ready to leave your nest? Are we ready to relieve ourselves of the matrix of Mother and travel forth into that brave new world of bigger ideas, ideals and ideologies?

Mother, I pray you know what is best, for the pup of humanity can see that we have been at breast for too long, that your magnificent nurturing warmth has now become too small for us children. We must leave, not to say goodbye, but to say 'See you soon.' You will always be our Mother, but we have been asked to become adults. We thank you for your infinite patience, your mercy and your deep, reassuring grace.

Your loving son.