18 March, 2012

While the lion sleeps...

All lies are true lies - that is to say, a true liar can only tell a lie, not a half-lie or half-truth. We have all been lied to.

The old adage 'everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die' is an old truth that serves the New World Order (NWO) quite nicely. They use this for their final showdown, Project Bluebeam. They serve us on a gilded platter the tasty notion that what is to come is immortality, an avoidance of pain and death, in order for us to no longer fear giving up our lives for someone or something greater than ourselves, be that 'someone' a greater person/god/ET, whatever. They intended (and still do) to project hallucinations of rapture, voices in our head and a myriad of other things such as alien invasions as a manipulative theatre of deception in order to serve us to their Gods. These are just some of the fantasies concocted by malevolent demi-Gods parading as humans who are ultimately just feathering their financial and geopolitical nests. Clearly some of the Eastern mysticisms and the New Age movements are about dispensing with fears of death. However, it is one thing to abolish the fear of death, yet another to dying for something one has no understanding of. A martyr is often an extreme display of dogmatism. It takes courage to die for a cause, but more bravery to live for one. Sure, everyone wants to go to heaven, but the truth is converse to this lie: Sadly, everyone has to die, but gladly, everyone can have a heavenly life while here upon this new earth.

Do not fear the winds of change, or let terror strike as marvels within the sky abound. These are signs of new things rising up from earth and of old things coming down from above. Or as is said more pertinent in Isaiah, 'do nor remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing, now shall it spring forth.'

Of late, so many reports are filing the alternate media of sighted UFOs. There are numerous aerial aircraft which can be visualised on any given day across the skies. The vast majority are planetary probes monitoring what is transpiring across continents. These probes are, by and large, benevolent drones recording data for the ETs on political, environmental and consciousness event changes. We are being watched overhead and within (if you factor in the notion that consciousness is a non-local phenomenon) in order for the Galactic Brothers and Sisters to assess our progress along the timeline of ascension. This assessment is being recorded by both benevolent and malevolent races who are privy to the approaching big fluff (flux transfer event) stellar cloud approaching in December 2012.

Steve Beckow remarked recently that 'Anonymous' are acting as revolutionaries rather than evolutionaries, but even as Gandhi and the Dalai Lama have noted through history, paradigmatic social changes invariably results in factions forming who are subversive or overtly violent. As much as Gandhi loathed their actions, he was powerless to stop the many break-away groups from 'doing their thing'. Indian Independence was primarily a result of Gandhi's persistent intention in walking the talk about satyagraha (soul force), but Indian Independence cost their nation about one hundred thousand lives by the time reactionaries had finished their violent assistance of his non-violent revolution. Whenever there is change, not all of it is condoned, but all of it is predictable. The final outcome in any change of the status quo is effected through the concerted efforts of the 'awakening ones', that band of lightworkers-cum-social activists who develop an innate awareness of impending global doom and consequently take up arms (both literal and metaphorical) against their oppressors in a fight of resistance to the dictators who control them.

How the outcome of Ascension will ultimately appear socially will be a cohesive effect that is a summation of both revolutionary as well as evolutionary forces. It cannot succeed with pacifism alone, nor love alone, but can only succeed through them. Ascension will cost many lives as it is unfortunately the product of the total human construct which is based on the collective of human emotions; namely, righteous anger, intelligent compassion and renouncing historical wrong doings, but also collective fear. Despite what may eventuate in this soul war, I am inspired by the words of Leo Tolstoy who remarked that 'a river is deep that does not make waves when someone throws a stone into it.' Not all of us are deep waters, and some of us make waves at the slightest insults. However, we all constitute the 'ocean' of humanity, and some make violent waves and others are merely riding the waves, while others are so deep as to be virtually untouched by the infractions of apparent evil imposed upon us.

In a report filed recently, 'the Galactic Command (composed of the Pleiadeans, Vegans, Sirians and Arcturians), is such that they keep a low profile since they are not invited by all of humanity and that governance to assist in overthrowing the yoke of oppression from the Draconians and Orions. In fact, most humans do not yet recognise this potential for enslavement by the Draconians and therefore are more concerned about what kind of health and technology these forces may give them in terms of enhancing their own particular power over others on earth.' The so-called Third Reich was used to establish control over Europe, with the intention to spread later into a Fourth Reich (which Hitler termed the New World Order) that would dictate over humanity worldwide. But as we all know by now, this will not happen. Not even the fear spread by my compatriots in Buddhist circles regarding the prophecy of Shambala can predict a new dawn emerging over earth. Too many incarnate starseeds are present to deny what is inevitable, and to paraphrase Nina Simone, it's a new day, a new dawn, a new life.

Observations over the last 60 years by our galactic friends have ensured that the Order is being disbanded, despite the warm messages by channellers who portray all psychic messages as benevolent treaties of future world governance by earthlings. Though some psychics do indeed transmit good messages, few are valid, and the majority are psy-op entreaties by super-soldiers who can remote view and transmit the agenda that all ETs are benevolent; a truly misguided entreaty if ever there was one. As George Kavassilas (an Australian abductee) once famously remarked, if he was in the presence of Archangel Michael himself, who said he was giving him a message from the Arcturians, he would highly doubt its authenticity. For all of our supposed intelligence, humanity as a rule are gullible and highly suggestive to any intelligence greater than our own. If we add to this presence of an angel in our midst the idea that they may have be privy to personal information about us which others could never know would leads us to assume that we are indeed in the presence of a divine messenger who is truly a benevolent soul here solely to help us. This is one of the operant conditionings used by psy-ops agents - 'make them believe we know more about them than they do themselves.'

We need to be especially discerning whenever we have a 'spiritual experience'. As Zen masters often opine, 'before enlightenment, we chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, we chop wood and carry water.' Nothing changes the human heart, even after Ascension and Disclosure. The heart has always been merely a mirror of everything that is. All that will be altered post-Ascension is the perception of our reality as Gods within ourselves. We will come to realise what has always been - the sacredness of our heart as pestle and our heads as the mortar; our soul force's primal duty to render our experiences as foods for the God within.

The war against our Gods within our minds began fifty years ago and has advanced to the point that the shadow government, through its allies with malevolent ETs, know more than any one individual on the planet, except those of free will, who pay no allegiance to anything outside of themselves. Though this may sound particularly negative, I caution those channellers who are attempting to collude us into relaxing and allowing the Ascension process 'just to happen' and to be active in asserting self-will and self-determination.

Over the ensuing months, the presence of more and more aerial phenomenon will be especially poignant and will herald Disclosure, a process not of government instigation, but one of ET declaration. Post-disclosure will be a slow process of integration of the human psyche to new facts not only about human history, human religions, politics and economics, but also a slow assimilation to extraterrestrial life forms, not all visually appealing. The idea that the general public could tolerate ETs walking about Wall Street without public hysteria is naive. It is envisage that another generation will pass before the lion of ETs can indeed lie down beside the lamb of humanity.