26 April, 2012

We have fallen into the place where everything is music

The world is either a dark, cruel and horrible place, or it is heaven on earth. The truth depends purely on one's perspective. For a high-security prison inmate, the world is a highly-militarized prison of restriction. For a buddhist nun during a mountain retreat, the world is filled with divas and unlimited perceptions of self. It is a self-evident truth that the universe projects back to you your own state of mind. Into the darkness of our innermost sense of self we should peer; we should never avoid the void. A selfish mind sees only the dualistic mind of permanent, briefly pleasurable and effervescent. A selfless mind sees all things as ephemeral, joyful and complete.

If you ask Chopper Read, the world's a place of fire and brimstone. He sees himself as someone unworthy of greatness, as having spent a life escaping the law and now atoning for his sins. However, If you ask Desmond Tutu, the world is already a beautiful place, a preparatory place for heaven, where 'God has a soft spot for sinners. His standards are quite low.' The idea that good and back exist is in reality a mind-perception fault. Having been in a fight with someone considered 'the scum of the scum', a drug-dealer and woman-abuser, I can honestly say that such a man is merely lost, confused and at war with himself. Such people are their own worst enemy, and sooner or later, they will see the errors of their way and become as enlightened as the rest of us. Therefore, if they can become enlightened, they are inherently made of 'enlightened stuff', a proposition made repeatedly by the Dalai Lama when he says that we are all Buddhas within.

There is much joy to be got from knowing that within a few short years, the folly of earth's adventures will be melded into a new earth, a 4D experience which prophets from Erkhart Tolle to Tolec have predicted many times over the last few years. I am cajoled by the wisdom of Margaret Thatcher, who quipped 'I am an extraordinarily patient person, providing I get my own way in the end.' In the end, the world will end not with a bang, but similar to how it began, with a symphony of music. This is the end that I and my fellow believers of the upliftment adhere to. We will be upon a new earth, where music will replace what was once the cacophony of anger, discord, lies and deception.

A few times I have been awakened by the din of such orchestral music, only to find that when I open my eyes, the noise has been replaced by the sounds of silence in my bedroom. I think the music of the spheres are much closer than we believe. In the beginning was only Logos, or the word of God, which might more closely resemble the music of our origins; be it Beethoven, Bach, Brahms or Backstreet Boys.

During this year, the earth will sing even louder, as witnessed by the various sonic booms recorded worldwide earlier in this year. The sonic booms are Gaia's musical notes reaching a crescendo as she clears her voice and begins to sing the eternal song of infinity. By January 2014, music will replace everything. Let us learn to sing, to take up the lyre and begin tuning our ears to the new sound arriving from the galactic core. I hear it approaching as a distant melody, ever soft but growing in intensity. Soon the walls will begin to shake with its joy, and even the grass and trees will begin to sing in chorus with this divine music.

Rumi's poem touched me lightly with its eternal hymnic rhythm:

Don't worry about saving these songs!
And if one of our instruments breaks,
it doesn't matter.

We have fallen into the place
where everything is music.

The strumming and the flute notes
rise into the atmosphere,
and even if the whole world's harp
should burn up, there will still be
hidden instruments playing.

So the candle flickers and goes out.
We have a piece of flint, and a spark.

This singing art is sea foam.
The graceful movements come from a pearl
somewhere on the ocean floor.