17 May, 2012

Normalcy bias

Things always change except people, who never change.

This axiom rules most people's lives, including my own. Were there no ground of normalcy, or predictability that what happened yesterday will happen today and tomorrow, it would be difficult to lead a normal (no pun intended) life. Normalcy bias is an inherent psychological belief that events must follow predictive patterns and not react outside known normal values. People assume that tomorrow is just another day. That next year is just another page on the calendar. This was people's expectations before every major calamity that has befallen humanity. We just assume that things don't change much or do so very slowly, so slowly that we would see it coming and have time to... prepare. Sadly, most events leave people entirely unprepared for what is happening. This is not an indictment on the folly of human nature, but a method by which we manage time. The greatest irony of life is that time is not constant, never has been, and I dare say never will be. The days are long and the years short. We waste so much time planning events that rarely unfold as we expect. Sure we can organise an upcoming wedding or birthday party, but how do we organise major life events such as career change, or financial losses, or sudden life-threatening disease that seems to strike randomly in people's lives?

So what have we learned? Today, we are informed that Obama was born in Kenya, but this does not change his influence or effectiveness as a person or leader. It does however change our interpretation of law, if someone felt inspired or offended enough to wanted to impeach the first Gay President. We also learned that Spain is following Greece in a run on the banks, and Mary Sean Young (a Hollywood diva) believes what every Ascension truther has known for years, that UFOs, aliens and the Illuminati are real. This has been a spectacular year of revelations (a.k.a armageddon), where one wall after another falls and allows us to see the truth of many things, most of all that we really must trust our own intuition on so many things. Tolec, it seems, has been telling the truth about Nibiru, that it really is hiding beyond Jupiter (see new video here), so perhaps more should listen to him, especially as he prophesies the end of the war against the Draco in the next few days.

The answer to people's conundrums about normalcy bias is to remember that there is only one constancy in life - all things change, and change unpredictably. What we take as solid earth today may be quicksand tomorrow.