14 May, 2012

Wisdom of the exiles

In every village, there are the elders who are turned to in times of external threat, dissent, confusion. These village elders are chosen not only for their age, but their perceived wisdom. Their years have brought with them a tempering of their passions and a discipline over their ego's faults. They have made enough mistakes to know how to avoid the common ones.

In every global village, we have similar elders, men and women who have come to be looked upon as wiser than their peers and supposedly possessed of more stable insight into the problems that perplex the majority. These elders in the past had well known names. Many of us are familiar with them. The youth of today are the same as youth during any time in human history. The threats, dissent and confusion that avail present society are no different to those of any other generation, albeit the magnitude may be elevated. But wisdom is timeless. Wise words have been spoken by Lao Tzu, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and countless others. What matters is whether we apply them, rather that parrot them.

In these times of revelation, old truth spring new meaning, and forgot meanings spring new truths. Elders may be replaced by 'exiles', who are neither old nor wise but alien to our culture and wanting to live with us. Do we accept them as the new elders, or do we rather listen to their words and weigh them against what we already know as truth? Or do we let others decide for us? Do we handball responsibility of self to a government whose interest do not serve others only themselves? These are questions we must ask ourselves as we approach the zenith of revelations, when the doors to the exiles open, and bring to earth the awaited guests of the new earth?

Come they will, and not unexpected will be their arrival. When the dust of their landing has settled, will we turn to others for advice, or will we turn inward and question the Elder within which way to turn?

Personally, there is only one movement that has ever lasted - an inward one. All the rest are just machinations of the ego.