19 June, 2012

Swearing the dysphemism

The famous Allegory of the Cave, originally scribed by Plato, tells the simplistic tale of how a group of prisoners live in a cave. They are shackled and unable to move and their cave is lit by a fire behind them. The shadows on the walls is all they can perceive of their lot, and the shadows are how they interpret reality. This allegory is rather pertinent at the moment as nervousness runs naked through the corridors of day-traders and bank employees across Europe, while fears bleeds survival thoughts in the minds of poor pedestrians from Spain, Greece, Ireland and Italy. The truth is far different. There is enough food, water and housing on the planet to home 10 billion people. But scarcity is the de rigeur meme of those with power. Scarcity is a psychological backstop - think Auschwitz survivors - that empowers the captors and dis-empowers the captives. Only a cataclysm could lighten the Euro-crisis dread, in the way a 5.3 earthquake arose the slumbering Melbournians in Australia last night and shook us from the idiot box for a brief few seconds of clear thought. The only financial crisis that exists is the one which exists within the mainframe of the wealthy, but what we see is nothing more than debt theft.

Meanwhile, the Euro-fire continues burning, with banksters shovelling paper (money) onto the flames in the hope of extinguishing the inferno. The Federal Reserve will soon (Quantitative easing 3) in a hope that their paper doesn't burn as quick as European money. Meanwhile, the media giants keep getting bigger and hungrier, gobbling up their opposition, while cutting back on staff and resources. In medical spheres, we call this neoplastic metastases, but in global economics it is just good business acumen. The Internet herself appears to be in threat of overloading with users and as a consequence a form of global control is being heralded in Europe as a way to manage (regulate) user interfaces. It won't be surprising to see draconian control of ISPs be passed into law when the Depression hits in September and Syria finally falls into allied hands.

The fellow-Australian cyber-savant Julian Assange narrowly avoided extradition to Sweden by running across Knightsbridge to obtain asylum in the Ecuador Embassy. This is bound to annoy the USA no end as they will now have to attempt rendition extradition through normal legal channels or Flame the embassy's doors. Personally, knowledge of microwaved water may suffice. Little do they know that the intent of Julian Assange is to eventually apply for an Australian visa from Ecuador with a hope of furthering his chances as a politician opponent against Julia Gillard. I doubt the average Aussie would vote for such a maverick though, despite his credentials, as well as a unique capacity to reinvent global transparency. But the USA is already distracted by the CFR making the outlandish claim that perhaps a nuclear-armed Iran is not such a bad idea. No doubt such remarks are making the FBI ideologues nervous.

Some things, such as UFOs, refuse to come to the light of day. However, some beautiful writings are to be had at Montauk regarding the capacity of discernment in reading ET-related info/dysinfo. Although the treatise is lengthy, it is well worth the read. Not only does it assist in learning more about channelled and whistle-blower information and how to develop methods of discerning truth from lies, it is also pertinent for those interested in improving their critical thinking skills.

Logic is a cold reality, but cannot exist in a vacuum. It must be watered with compassion. I remember the famous syllogism about Caesar when he was murdered:

Brutus is an honorable man,
Honorable man does not kill people,
Brutus killed Caesar,
Therefore, Brutus is not an honorable man.

Yet we ignore common logic when we observe things around us. The vast majority ignore the truth of economic crime as a basis of global recession, deferring to the homonym that it is unexpected, unpredicted and therefore an accident, or 'a fluke'. One must be reminded that a fluke is a fish, not an accident. Whenever something unexpected happens, it almost always smells fishy, suggesting someone or something is manipulating the action. As Jung once said 'when an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.' Never more pertinent than in this year of difficult learning.

Perhaps Plato's is more tenacious than one expects in its ability to truthfully reflect humanity's inability to face naked truth that we prefer the soft shadows of propaganda to the clear light of reality.

18 June, 2012

The ironic acquittal of Greece

All eyes have been cast to Greece, a modern-day tragedy of Homeric proportions.  M$M followed the odyssey as stock markets quivered on a long bow through the voting that would deliver either a Euro-bailout or a Euro-exit. The troika trumped the logic of humility and a greater weight was lowered onto cursed shoulders of Sisyphus, who overlooked with a weeping eye on a once great nation that gave the world didacticism, democracy and the Olympics. But though all eyes were turned myopic to the Greek plight, all hands were clutching Mario Draghi's cash register. Never has so much been at stake for global economies that has nothing to do with elections but everything to do with a tolerance for more pain at the hands of the Wizard of Oz. The world is suffering PTSD as a consequence of the financial rape of '08 but Prozac cannot numb the amputation of hope.

Good news eclipses boredom, but not bad news. Socrates, that ancient Hellenic philosopher has been recently acquitted and released by a panel of judges, at a time when the Greek populous are being enslaved by the ECB. The dead may walk free, but the living dead are buried deeper than the global pyramid of fiat money.

Across the pond, the American Tea Party epitomises the complex 2012 machinations of olympian-like political gymnastics. What appears as a victory for Mitt Romney by securing Rand Paul's endorsment may well backfire if Ron Paul continues garnishing massive groundswell support by disenfranchised voters. We all know who will win, it's a done deal, but the future is being rewritten as quickly as the ink dries. As Tennessee Williams drily remarked, 'There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go.' But whether Ron Paul can convince a traumatised nation they have the sanctity to overcome their lust for democracy remains to be seen. Politicians are seasoned professionals, and as Winston Churchill once remarked, 'a politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.' The backers have penned Obama as favourite in the trifecta on November 6th. It's a steeplechase and odds are Wall Street's Stallion Romney will crash at the last gate, allowing Paul Sr or Paul Jr to contend the throne. But the money is on the horse, not the rider, for in a rigged race, only the bookies win. Irony will show her face at the eleventh hour, when the ugly impossible becomes beautifully probable.

Topics of pre-crime, indefinite detention, rising homocides in American cities such as Chicago, and the threat of FEMA camps strikes the nerve of many American grassroot civil libertarians, who have rampant fears about the erosion of constitutional rights of all American citizens. Add to this the Eurocrisis, and Benjamin Fulford's oblique that virtual computers are running NASDAQ, London and Tokyo, and political tension appears to be fulminating, boil-like, to a head. Is it any surprise that the pressure is applied to the Middle-East by recent news of a new Iran-Russia-China mega-military exercise scheduled for July? Enough pressure to lance the purulent mess or will it just further wound an already scarred land?

17 June, 2012

Res ipsa loquitur and the theatre of turmoil

The words ring in my ear most prescient as one family member recently said to me, when I asked why things happen as they do.

'All actions by people are motivated by basal urges. All things are basal!'

This family member meant that basic urges pre-empt more higher motives in actions of high strangeness. That is, to be circumspect, that primal urges are the primary reason most people do things. The primal urges are sex, security, and sympaticos. Ibid: If one is ever confused as to someone's motives, if one is totally dumbfounded as to why someone is acting so cruelly, illogically or amorally, always defer to a basic premise: sex, the approval of friends and family (symapticos), or security (of self or others).

The historical motivations of sex and sympatico have been discussed ad nauseum. On the other hand, security is prima facie the main method of control by corporations/countries at present. I look at the current stae of world politics and do not see random chaos but instead high orderedness by corporate politics. There are two primary securities available; physical and financial. Physical security is provided by security companies, police, etc. Financial security is controlled by banks. Res ipsa loquitor (it speaks for itself) that financial security is derived from the troika of gold, oil and drugs, what they call the 'gods of war.'

In the recent re-election of pro-Euro politicians in Greece (the New Democracy right party), further financial austerity will be imposed upon the Greek people in order to keep milking the system. The ulterior motive is to drive Europe, USA and China toward a global currency. Despite what the new-age websites predicate, the Cabal are working feverishly behind the scenes to maintain their hegemony over the global economy. The new currency is slated for introduction in 2013, after the Euro/$ crash of 9/12.

Recent political changes in Burma suggest the opening of a new drug-trade between Burmese nationalist who are happy to trade their opium-ladened forests for western-style democracy in the form of drugs for guns. Such trades are essential when the drug trade in Afghanistan is dwindling due to the new Taliban-backed government intervention when the US pulls out in 2014. Some forethought and long-range stratagems are used to create future crops for old ones. They did this in Vietnam and Central America until sovereignty forced the Allies out. Further snooping suggests that Brazil will soon see a new political psyops theatre of turmoil in 2013 to force IMF-takeover and liquidation of sovereign Brazilian banks. Brazilian forests are, after all, ripe for opium and ice (the warm type).

Some good news on the 'Disclosure' front, as Gordon Duff leaks the first insider truth on companies that hold the keys to free energy, maglev flight and quantum computing. These may well be the first baby-steps toward bringing to the public the news of extant technologies which have been suppressed ignored for years by the IMC. Don't expect any public seats becoming available on these antigravity ships, or scenic day trips to the moon and back. The fee would be pricey, compared to the Space-X dragon flight, even though the public purse has paid for it all over the last 50 years through black budgets.

The Buddha once said that three things cannot never be hidden; the sun, moon and truth. Sadly, truth is the first casualty of both war and religion...

Slowly is the truth let loose upon the public, hidden as a conspiratorial lie.

13 June, 2012

The Titanic effect of retrocausality

Time travel is impossible, unless we consider the fact that it has already happened, ergo: it can only happen if it has already happened. This is the theory proposed by Atkinson as he menacingly lambasted Einstein's EPR theory (Einstein- Podolsky- Rosen scenario). It is seemingly anti-intuitive that someone could go back and murder their grandfather and therefore return to find themselves non-existent (referred to as the grandfather paradox). Prof. John Thaler argues that that the Theory of Relativity might permit 'closed timelike curves' that allow time travel, but the famous 'grandfather paradox' proves the whole thing is impossible. The movie 'The Butterfly Effect' made famous the notion that if you go back to change a past event (backward causation), it causes fractures in the time-space continuum, resulting in new outcomes which are totally unpredictable (see quantum foam). However, backward causation implies a static account of time in the sense that there is no objective becoming, no coming into being such that future events exist on the par with present and past events. It means that the future is real, the future does not merely consist of unrealised possibilities or even nothing at all. Unfortunately, reality is far different and more complex. Time is nonlinear and non-local. Everything is in a flux; time, space as well as energy.

How it could work?
At the subatomic level of quantum weirdness, time-travel is highly plausible. One of the more persistent and logically-cohesive arguments is that there is a physical signal being sent between two photons (the theory of photon entanglement) that are entangled which allows them to operate as they do. What Albert Einstein called 'spooky action at a distance', others 'passion at a distance', which involves not going faster than the speed of light but going backwards in time. It is believed that photon entanglement happens not only in isolated physics experiments in the lab but in every living thing in the universe, including the human brain.  Jack Sarfatti remarks in the Journal of Cosmology that different parts of the brain can locally decode messages from other distant parts without having to wait for classical electrical and chemical signal keys to move slower than light. This would give the brain a capacity to hold two types of records; one based on sensual perception and the other on anamnesia (memory).

As Sedgwick remarked back in 1916, 'Science proceeds as if the past was the home of explanation; whereas the future and the future alone holds the key to the mysteries of the present. When that first cell divided, the meaning of that division was to be discovered in the future, not in the past; when some pre-human ancestor first uttered a human sound, the significance of that sound was to be interpreted by human language, not by apish grunts; when the first plant showed solicitude for its seed, the interest of that solicitude lay in the promise of maternal affection. Things must be judged in the light of the coming morning, not in the setting stars.'

Where is the evidence?
Does evidence exist to imply the existence of time travellers in the past? If there was such a thing, wouldn't we expect physical traces of changes, or memories that conflict with past events, such as was hypothesised by people who remember the 9/11 event, or those who believe it was known about long before it happened. If time travel existed, wouldn't we expect chrononauts to go back and remove such nasty things as genocide and world wars? Doesn't this imply the huge assumption that the chrononauts are benevolent when it is more likely that they are probably just ordinary scientists (like the ones who worked on the Manhattan Project)? Some whistleblower testimony exists about purported chrononauts, ones as famous as the current president of the USA. However, verbal testimony can be disputed, slandered, suppressed or even eliminated. Concrete physical evidence still fails to exist, unless we consider such anomalous evidence as 20,000 year old screws, a 100,000 year old plug and modern watches in archaeological ruins.
A stone embedded with a three-pronged plug,
 approximately 100,000-year-old.

The new science of quantum cryptography, which attempts to decode the signals between photons which are entangled, uses code-names of Alice, Bob and Eve, where Eve is the codebreaker attempting to spy on Bob and Alice. The theory of quantum cryptography  utilises the notion that even if Eve can eavesdrop on all communication between Alice and Bob, the messages will be disturbed and Alice and Bob will notice. This theory is the background behind existing quantum key distribution networks (QKD). In other words, photon entanglement and time travel do not exist, but their applications in mainstream science are, ironically, commercially available.

Evidence for Psychological Retrocausation (PR) evidence has also been reported, where patients believed the past has happened different from what they perceive with their senses. Daryl J. Bem (Cornell University) notes recently that the cause of psychological retrocausation may be due to a phenomenon known as 'psi', which involves unknown processes of information or energy transfer that are currently unexplained in terms of known physical or biological mechanisms. Bem showed that students were able to guess at future events in a frequency that was well beyond mere chance, in others, it appeared that the future was directly influencing the present. The existence of 'psi' phenomenon is backed by other experiments such as changes in heart-rates in remote viewers during experiments between two isolated patients. Psi may well underpin transtemporal phenomenon throughout the universe.

Commonly reported time changes include:

1) Celebrities who were once dead but are now alive.
2) Changes in recent historical events.
3) Changes in movies , books etc.
4) Changes in the location of or sudden appearance of buildings , roads etc.
5) Changes in location of landmasses.

If time travel were possible, one could argue that the past would have been re-written and the Titanic would have been saved from disaster by benevolent chrononauts. Of course this assumes that the Titanic was an accident rather than a premeditated act of sabotage, and that intention vs. premeditation affects time passage via time portals. To quote the Buddhists, 'things are not what they appear to be: nor are they otherwise'. Time must be viewed as a polynomial phenomenon, i.e. time has infinite lines of possibility that co-occur at once, in symphony and are changed by personal intent, choice or non-choice. It is interesting to muse that if the Titanic had been saved from sinking, the passengers would have had an uneventful sail to America, would have disembarked and White Star Lines would have pulled J.P.Morgan (underwriters) with it into insolvency. No one would have recorded the sinking of the Titanic, and the event would have been wiped from the historical records. We would have no record of the anomaly and therefore it would not have existed. Thus, on this new timeline, we would be none the wiser about insurance scams, chrononauts and the whole mystery of retrocausality.

A nice fictional short-film

Gaia and the sorry-go-round of hope

'Abandon hope all ye who enter here' was originally penned by Dante Alighieri, an Italian philosopher, who wrote the poem around 1320 in his famous book Divine Comedy. The words (originally penned as 'All hope abandon, ye who enter in.') were transcribed on a portal arch as one entered the gates of Hell.

Before me things create were none, save things
Eternal, and eternal I endure.
All hope abandon ye who enter here.

Although quoted ad nauseum by those describing a transit into a place where the journeyman had little faith in what is to come, this phrase applies equally to any spiritual journey, whether it be in overcoming an addiction, a diagnosis and subsequent treatment of a life-threatening illness or even the approaching death. But hope is antithetical to faith. Hope expresses doubt and incredulity that the seemingly impossible (spiritual transformation) can become possible. Faith, the opposite of hope, is a scientific formula, utilising logical reasoning based on the three pillars of wisdom: experience, research and knowledge. If someone has a life-threatening illness, we do not hope the patient will recover. We approach the illness with evidence-based medicine, an empirical understand of time-tested modalities that have been shown to work and avoidance of those which are at best untested, unproven or harmful. Hope is when our treatment has failed in spite of the best application of medical wisdom. It is the application of hope that signals our entry through the gates of hell, i.e. that we have failed, or our wisdom has failed us.

In these testing times, the circular reasoning of hope, where we look up for salvation, or allow those with 'contacts' or 'influence' to fix the woes of the world, which in the past did nothing, must be relegated to the new paradigm of universal self-ownership. Someone who is faithful to the cause of spiritual evolution must walk the talk. The M$M want us to give over our rights in exchange for greater loss of liberty, to allow others to 'fix' our problems, and for us to vegetate and watch salvation arrive via the IMF, MIC and ETs. As my father once remarked, 'his acronym couldn't even rescue a homonym'. Don't rely on the CIA to intervene on your behalf, or the good ol' USA to save the fallen in the Middle East. Whenever we relinquish responsibility, what dies first is self-esteem. Only a subservient man has the weakness to enslave his soul to another. The acceptance of responsibility can be harsh, but it is the price of liberty. Individual liberty starts at first knowing one's own mind and heart and fostering an understanding of who we are and where we fit in this complex and troubling world paradigm.

We do not have to hope that the world will come out right in the end. We have the scientific know-how to solve all our planetary problems, from global hunger, environmental poisoning, to economic strife. We have known the solutions since the 1970s. What is lacking is the motivation. Even if we entered the gates of hell, we should never abandon faith. Abandon hope by all means, for there can be no doubt that humanity's will to survive eclipses all personal and global acts of self-destruction. Suicide is found not in our genes, only in the 'other' who we have given our esteem.

This beautiful world, though she lay on her hospital bed, is still loved far more than she realises. She is our lover, our partner. She deserves our prayers, our faithful administration of tender nursing, our reverence and continued care.

09 June, 2012

Black Sabbath and the music of the spheres

In recent years, studies of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children within the U.S. have reported a steady increase in incidence, from 1 in 5,000 in 1975 to 1 in 110 in 2009 ( a 5000% increase) . This increase is presumably due to increased diagnosis skills rather than increased incidence of the disease. A weak genetic link has been noted, but cannot attribute the marked increase solely due to this factor.

Recent research has shown that maternal depression and other psychiatric depression, as well as exposure of the unborn child to maternal SSRIs use (e.g. Prozac, Zoloft) as well as premature-birth gives a significant increase in the risk of the child to develop autism. The high rate of parents of non-European origin has been noted in many Swedish studies of ASD, but the reason for this association, remains unclear. Nouchine Hadjikhani, M.D., an ASD expert and associate professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School, in Boston, urges pregnant women to err on the side of caution. Pregnant women should use anti-depressants 'only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the foetus.'

According to the WHO, Vaccine rates have increased exponentially during the last few decades of the twentieth century, so that more than 95% of children are vaccinated. This has correlated to a marked reduction in vaccine-preventable diseases in children. However, the corollary of vaccine-induced ASD cannot be overlooked. Recently, a paper has shown that administration of thimerosal (a mercury-containing vaccine preservative suspected as an agent causing neurodevelopmental disorders) to infant rats causes behavioural, neurochemical and neuropathological abnormalities similar to those present in autism. Neonatal exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines might induce excitotoxic brain injuries, leading to neurodevelopmental disorders. Coadministration of the neurosteroid, dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, may partially protect against mercurials-induced neurotoxicity. 

The WHO has also confirmed that public opinion has turned firmly against the use of mercury, and it has been recognized for some time that there is a need to minimize exposure to this chemical from all sources such as food (especially certain fish), pharmaceuticals, vaccines and other biological products. However, because there are currently no tested, efficacious and safe alternatives, WHO will continue recommending procurement of vaccines such as triple vaccine (DTP), diphtheria and tetanus (DT), tetanus toxoid (TT) as well as certain brands of hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccines that contain the preservative. The WHO do concede that maternal methylmercury exposure in Iraq and Japan has been documented to cause neurological abnormalities, such as developmental delay in infants exposed  in utero. The human brain seems particularly vulnerable to methylmercury during its developmental period. Additional data from low-dose exposure to methylmercury derived from studies of fish-eating populations exposed in their diet has given conflicting results. Some of these studies have demonstrated more subtle abnormalities, detectable only by sophisticated neuropsychometric testing, at methylmercury levels previously thought to be safe. The WHO concludes that 'several gaps in the knowledge of the toxicity of the preservative make it problematic to identify the precise risks from thiomersal in vaccines.'

Evidence-based epidemiology implicates the rise in childhood ASD parallels the global increase in use and exposure to:
a) antidepressants - use of SSRIs by pregnant mothers have a strong correlation with increased ASD in infants, environmental exposure to mercury has a provable link. A leading ecological study in Texas has correlated higher rates of autism in school districts affected by large environmental releases of mercury from industrial sources. Mercury is a well known antithyroid substance causing inhibition of deiodinases and thyroid peroxidase.
b) vaccines - thimerosal-based multi-antigen vaccines from birth to 6 years of age. A leading ecological study in Texas has also correlated higher rates of autism in school districts affected by large environmental releases of mercury from industrial sources. Mercury is a well known antithyroid substance causing inhibition of deiodinases and thyroid peroxidase. 
c) toxins - exposure of pregnant mothers and newborns to water-based and food-based neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors such as organophosphates, phthalates and preservatives. For example, PVC flooring is known to be an important source of airborne phthalates indoors, and that asthma and allergy prevalence are associated with phthalate concentrations in settled dust in the children's bedroom. Environmental contaminants interfere with thyroid function including 60% of all herbicides, in particular 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), acetochlor, aminotriazole, amitrole, bromoxynil, pendamethalin, mancozeb, and thioureas. Other antithyroid agents include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), perchlorates, mercury, and coal derivatives such as resorcinol, phthalates, and anthracenes. 

The mammalian brain is an interconnected multifunctional network of neurones that can be likened to an orchestra of musical instruments, each a sensitive and highly tuned device that must work in synchronous movement with other pieces of the orchestra. Medicating and intoxicating the musicians can transform an orchestral movement of Beethoven into a Black Sabbatean orchestral manoeuvre in the dark.

07 June, 2012

We need to talk... about the birds and bees

Honeybee lesions due to Verroa spp mites
We all like to believe that there is a conspiracy against the planet, that HAARP and other covert technologies (such as GMO insecticidal plants) have been responsible for the global assault on bee populations, but sometimes less sinister plots are involved. In this particular case, a sinister foe has been identified by mainstream science (which sometimes gets it right). This foe has a particularly unattractive appearance, and had a personal preference for avoiding detection by its host. Its malevolent actions involve destruction of overt defence mechanisms and employing ancillary combatants such as viruses to augment its attack against it quarry. Known as the Verroa mite (Varroa destructor), this blood-sucking parasite has reached endemic proportions globally and must be captured and neutralised.
Varroa destructor

The effect of this parasite utilises symbiotic viruses (e.g. Deformed Wing Virus and Acute Paralysis Virus) which infect the skin of honeybees and, unable to fly, invariably die as a consequence. Symbiotic relationships between parasites and cohort agents such as bacteria and viruses has been studied for many years in most bees and is well reported in the scientific literature.

What is peculiar is why now? Why has this disease become prominent at this time? We have little evidence to determine whether such plagues on bees has occurred in the past, so we can only assume that it is perhaps a periodical process resulting in global depopulations of bee colonies. The other alternative, more sinister to be sure is that bees or bee viruses have been genetically modified. It has recently been reported that there is nothing to stop someone from “helping along” bee evolution to produce bees resistant to current virus strains or even specific pesticides ( such as Pesticide-Ready Bees from Monsanto) or using GMO plant seeds containing pesticides which disrupt honeybee immunity.

Whether this spells the end of global populations of bees or not is unknown, but we will find out within the next 2 - 3 years. If it is an extinction event, humanity as we know it is doomed, for bees are an intimate aspect of plant fertilisation, and without them, most global plants would die, and without a plant-based food source, most mammals are doomed, including humans.

When it comes to resolving this problem, the use of natural plant extracts or their products as ecofriendly biodegradable agents could be of high value for the control of Varroa mite. However, although the destruction of mites is easily managed on an individual basis, treatment of global honeybee populations is impossible. An alternate method is to disseminate a targeted vaccines against the Varroa virus, but this is problematic both because of cost as well as complications of resistance and creation of new strains of Verroa virus.

So, essentially, humanity's hands are tied. Can honeybees and their angels effect a solution for this life threatening event, or will humanity find a cure. The race is on. The cost of failure is nothing less than extinction of all life on planet earth.

Though a scientist at heart, I'm still putting my faith in evolutionary technology (ET for short).