18 June, 2012

The ironic acquittal of Greece

All eyes have been cast to Greece, a modern-day tragedy of Homeric proportions.  M$M followed the odyssey as stock markets quivered on a long bow through the voting that would deliver either a Euro-bailout or a Euro-exit. The troika trumped the logic of humility and a greater weight was lowered onto cursed shoulders of Sisyphus, who overlooked with a weeping eye on a once great nation that gave the world didacticism, democracy and the Olympics. But though all eyes were turned myopic to the Greek plight, all hands were clutching Mario Draghi's cash register. Never has so much been at stake for global economies that has nothing to do with elections but everything to do with a tolerance for more pain at the hands of the Wizard of Oz. The world is suffering PTSD as a consequence of the financial rape of '08 but Prozac cannot numb the amputation of hope.

Good news eclipses boredom, but not bad news. Socrates, that ancient Hellenic philosopher has been recently acquitted and released by a panel of judges, at a time when the Greek populous are being enslaved by the ECB. The dead may walk free, but the living dead are buried deeper than the global pyramid of fiat money.

Across the pond, the American Tea Party epitomises the complex 2012 machinations of olympian-like political gymnastics. What appears as a victory for Mitt Romney by securing Rand Paul's endorsment may well backfire if Ron Paul continues garnishing massive groundswell support by disenfranchised voters. We all know who will win, it's a done deal, but the future is being rewritten as quickly as the ink dries. As Tennessee Williams drily remarked, 'There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go.' But whether Ron Paul can convince a traumatised nation they have the sanctity to overcome their lust for democracy remains to be seen. Politicians are seasoned professionals, and as Winston Churchill once remarked, 'a politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen.' The backers have penned Obama as favourite in the trifecta on November 6th. It's a steeplechase and odds are Wall Street's Stallion Romney will crash at the last gate, allowing Paul Sr or Paul Jr to contend the throne. But the money is on the horse, not the rider, for in a rigged race, only the bookies win. Irony will show her face at the eleventh hour, when the ugly impossible becomes beautifully probable.

Topics of pre-crime, indefinite detention, rising homocides in American cities such as Chicago, and the threat of FEMA camps strikes the nerve of many American grassroot civil libertarians, who have rampant fears about the erosion of constitutional rights of all American citizens. Add to this the Eurocrisis, and Benjamin Fulford's oblique that virtual computers are running NASDAQ, London and Tokyo, and political tension appears to be fulminating, boil-like, to a head. Is it any surprise that the pressure is applied to the Middle-East by recent news of a new Iran-Russia-China mega-military exercise scheduled for July? Enough pressure to lance the purulent mess or will it just further wound an already scarred land?