17 June, 2012

Res ipsa loquitur and the theatre of turmoil

The words ring in my ear most prescient as one family member recently said to me, when I asked why things happen as they do.

'All actions by people are motivated by basal urges. All things are basal!'

This family member meant that basic urges pre-empt more higher motives in actions of high strangeness. That is, to be circumspect, that primal urges are the primary reason most people do things. The primal urges are sex, security, and sympaticos. Ibid: If one is ever confused as to someone's motives, if one is totally dumbfounded as to why someone is acting so cruelly, illogically or amorally, always defer to a basic premise: sex, the approval of friends and family (symapticos), or security (of self or others).

The historical motivations of sex and sympatico have been discussed ad nauseum. On the other hand, security is prima facie the main method of control by corporations/countries at present. I look at the current stae of world politics and do not see random chaos but instead high orderedness by corporate politics. There are two primary securities available; physical and financial. Physical security is provided by security companies, police, etc. Financial security is controlled by banks. Res ipsa loquitor (it speaks for itself) that financial security is derived from the troika of gold, oil and drugs, what they call the 'gods of war.'

In the recent re-election of pro-Euro politicians in Greece (the New Democracy right party), further financial austerity will be imposed upon the Greek people in order to keep milking the system. The ulterior motive is to drive Europe, USA and China toward a global currency. Despite what the new-age websites predicate, the Cabal are working feverishly behind the scenes to maintain their hegemony over the global economy. The new currency is slated for introduction in 2013, after the Euro/$ crash of 9/12.

Recent political changes in Burma suggest the opening of a new drug-trade between Burmese nationalist who are happy to trade their opium-ladened forests for western-style democracy in the form of drugs for guns. Such trades are essential when the drug trade in Afghanistan is dwindling due to the new Taliban-backed government intervention when the US pulls out in 2014. Some forethought and long-range stratagems are used to create future crops for old ones. They did this in Vietnam and Central America until sovereignty forced the Allies out. Further snooping suggests that Brazil will soon see a new political psyops theatre of turmoil in 2013 to force IMF-takeover and liquidation of sovereign Brazilian banks. Brazilian forests are, after all, ripe for opium and ice (the warm type).

Some good news on the 'Disclosure' front, as Gordon Duff leaks the first insider truth on companies that hold the keys to free energy, maglev flight and quantum computing. These may well be the first baby-steps toward bringing to the public the news of extant technologies which have been suppressed ignored for years by the IMC. Don't expect any public seats becoming available on these antigravity ships, or scenic day trips to the moon and back. The fee would be pricey, compared to the Space-X dragon flight, even though the public purse has paid for it all over the last 50 years through black budgets.

The Buddha once said that three things cannot never be hidden; the sun, moon and truth. Sadly, truth is the first casualty of both war and religion...

Slowly is the truth let loose upon the public, hidden as a conspiratorial lie.